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How to Write a Professional Email is Puzzling

Learning how to write a professional email is like putting together a puzzle.

Have you ever worked on a puzzle to only realize you’re missing a piece. Recently our office was trying to solve a work “puzzle.” We had all the pieces, but different people knew different pieces to the puzzle. No one person could put the puzzle together, but together we could solve it.

So we smashed heads and BAM! puzzle solved.

How to write a professional email is like a puzzle, you need to have all the right pieces. Writing an email may be a one person task but without all of the right pieces to the puzzle your email communication will hinder.

The Border

I like to gather up all the edge pieces first. Once the border is together the rest of the puzzle seems easier. This is the intro part to learning how to write a professional email. You need to nail down the greeting and your first few sentences. The beginning of your email establishes the flow and feel of your entire conversation.

Make sure to select an introduction that matches your recipient. If you are formal with someone you have worked across from for years — you may come across in a bad light. To the same extent, if you are overly casual with a new prospect they may think your company is unprofessional.

Fill in the Middle

This is longest and most challenging part of the puzzle, but it has the picture! The body of your email is the main attraction. It should also take up the most space. Make sure to stay focused and on track in your body paragraph. If you begin to waver too much your reader may waver and stop reading.

The Last Piece

The last piece is the best of all. The final piece says you are done. Once the final piece to the puzzle is in place you are ready to move on to the next puzzle. Your signature is like the final piece to the puzzle. It is the end to your email communication. When learning how to write a professional email you need to consider the feel of your signature. Make sure your signature reflects your style, but at the same time it should be professional!



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