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Practical Training Solutions For A Modern Workplace

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Training can be tough for so many reasons. One reason is that it can be difficult to find the time for training in a busy work environment. Another challenge is that comprehension and retention aren’t easy to measure with most training methods. In addition, it can be challenging to find a modern approach that can influence employees to implement the training in the workplace.


Many employers just deliver training to put a check in the box and avoid a citation from OSHA or other governing organizations. Training without building a safety culture isn’t very effective. Training should be delivered in easy and digestible segments so your employees can comprehend the information and apply it to their work environment. The training should be both convenient for everyone and effective for your employees.


We’ve researched some practical training solutions for you so that you can create a safety culture and keep your workplace up to OSHA standards. Your employees will thank you for creating a great environment that they can feel safe working in.


Delivering Content Online

There are so many benefits to delivering training online.

  • Employees don’t have to stop production in the middle of a busy work day. You can keep them focused on the job while they’re at work and give them the training they need to complete at home or during slower production times.

  • You don’t have to gather everyone in one place at one time for the training—and this is especially convenient if multiple locations are involved. Goodbye, gas and travel expenses.

  • A trainer does not need to be present for the entire training session. They can simply share the training and then focus their time and attention on other important tasks.


A great strategy for online content delivery is to use a variety of styles for different types of learners, like text, video, and images. Some people can learn the rule by the statement, and some need a visual or an example. By providing a variety of approaches in one training session, you’re guaranteed to reach more of your employees and make a bigger impact.


How To Deliver Online Content

With a tool like Ving, you can deliver content to employees to review from any computer or mobile device. Our tool allows you to deliver pre-made templates or create your own custom content. With content ranging from simple text to videos, voice recordings, images, and PDFs, the training options are endless. Other features available include quizzes, assessments, and polls right within the training materials.


Built-in user activity tracking gives you the ability to monitor progress and completion, so you can check for comprehension and verify that individual employees have met training requirements without leaving your desk.


Using a tool like this allows you to send out the necessary training materials to all of the right employees at the right time. Here is an example of what a Ving looks like.

silica training lesson one preview


If your current training isn’t working well, consider an online option as an alternative. Click here to talk to a Ving team member so you can learn more about what Ving can add to your business and safety culture.


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