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Quick Home Safety Tips For Your Employees And Their Families


Accidents can happen anywhere: at work, on the road, and even in the home. When your employees experience an accident, it affects them on the job—no matter where the accident actually occurred. In order to keep employees safe and healthy each day, make sure they know about the most common hazards as well as how to prevent them.


Send out these quick home safety tips to your employees so that they can stay safe no matter which room of the house they’re in. And don’t forget to check out our blog post titled “Why Should I Worry About Home Safety For My Employees?


The Kitchen

The kitchen can be a scary place when it comes to injuries and other types of accidents. Sharp, hot, and heavy objects fill kitchens in every home, just waiting to become serious hazards. Three key tips can help keep employees and their families safe:

  • Leave space around all appliances to allow for proper ventilation and to reduce fire hazards.

  • Use organizers to store utensils and small kitchen tools. Sifting through unorganized drawers can become an easy manner of injury to hands and fingers.

  • Use latches on cabinets in homes with pets or small children. Everyday items can become deadly in the wrong hands or mouths.


The Bathroom

The bathroom is another room in the house where accidents can easily occur. Generally tight quarters with hard, slick surfaces and numerous sources of water? A million things could go wrong. These home safety basics can help minimize risks, though:

  • Store electronics in a dry place away from exposure to water. We all know that water and electricity should never mix. Don’t leave that hair dryer plugged in or lying out.

  • Use mats and rugs on the floor and in the shower/tub to avoid slips. Water, soap, and shampoo all cause slipperiness in the tub, and any amount of moisture can turn tile floors into a slip ‘n slide. Providing some traction underfoot can make a world of difference and drastically reduce fall hazards.

  • Keep the room as clean and dry as possible.


The Garage

Everyone’s garage is different. Some people store large quantities of tools and equipment there, some store paints and other chemicals, and some just use the space for vehicle parking. Whatever the case, these quick garage safety points can make the garage a safer place in every home:

  • Keep poisonous and hazardous materials locked up and out of reach. This includes paints, solvents, cleaners, oils, gases, and anything that causes harm if ingested or exposed to skin; especially in a home with pets or children.

  • Keep tools organized and out of the way. Almost all tools are heavy or sharp—or both—and should be organized for safe access and stored out of the way.

  • Allow for proper ventilation whenever dangerous fumes are introduced. Whether you are working in the garage or just storing materials, proper ventilation keeps your home safe from toxic inhalation.


All Around The Home

Regardless of where you are in the house, there will always be hazards. With these quick home safety tips for your employees, home safety hazards can be reduced and avoided.

  • Stairs - Keep stairs clean and clutter-free, and install handrails in stairways.

  • Furniture - Arrange furniture items for easy navigation around them.

  • Fires - Always supervise flames, like candles and fireplaces, and distinguish thoroughly when finished.

  • Emergency contact - Keep important phone numbers listed nearby in case of emergencies.

  • Storage - Store the most commonly used items in your home in the most easily accessible places.


Home safety is just as important as on-the-job safety. Make sure your employees are always prepared with these quick tips. Subscribe to our blog for more information on home safety, workplace safety training, and employee engagement ideas.



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