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INFOGRAPHIC: 2 Major Events That Changed Safety For Each Generation


We want to stay safe, but do we know why? What causes someone to spend their time keeping people safe? The things that happen around us have a huge impact on how we view problems and how we fix them. We have to understand a problem before we can fix it.


Understanding each other is the best way to avoid allowing generational differences to stand in the way. You want your employees to be as safe as possible and you don't want to worry that something silly, like age, can keep people from it. Once we move our focus from differences, we can focus our attention back to our main similarity  keeping ourselves and others safe.


This infographic will teach you all about: 

  • Generations and what time period they are from.

  • Major events, for each generation, that shaped the way they view safety.

  • A visual breakdown of what may cause differences in safety attitudes.


Once you have finished reading through this infographic take a moment and think of some other major events that have impacted your life. Then think about some of the people who work with you, were they impacted by some of these same events? How has it shaped them? 


When you are going about your day consider the things in life that people have experienced. These pas events, both big and small, have shaped who we are and how we feel about communication, technology, safety, and really everything.


Once you have spent some time thinking about previous events that have impacted your life share this infographic with your colleagues so they can do the same. Simply thinking about the things that each of you have gone through will help improve your day to day interactions while providing more understanding about how each of you see not just safety but everything. 



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