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EBOOK: 5 Tools That Improve A Mixed Work Environment


According to Global Workplace Analytics nearly 30% of the workforce will be working from home by the end of 2021. That is an 80% increase in remote workers before the pandemic (Upworks). Avoiding remote workers is no longer a possibility and many companies will find themselves with some remote workers and some workers in the office.


2020 taught and showed us all that some of us can do our work from home and be equally, if not more, productive. However, some employees thrive in the office/field space. And to add a tiny bit of complexity some are realizing that they thrive in a more mixed workspace.


We are entering a workforce — and truly are already in it — where people will not only be different types of learners but they are different types of workers. Your company or organization needs to be able to accommodate each different type of worker.  As well, keep in mind that your workers might need the flexibility of both environments.


Some days it might be easier to be at home and cut out some commute time, when possible. Other days it might be easier to be in the office and crank out a lot of group projects. Your office needs to be function at 100% even when everyone is not in the same space.


This eBook will walk you through 5 tools that we believe will improve a mixed work environment.  With the right communication tool, file sharing tools, and safety training tools you are sure to rock this new kind of work environment. 


Change doesn't have to be a bad thing. Sit back and reflect on the things that worked in the past while embracing the items that will be changing moving forward. Your team can stay ahead of the curve "together".

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