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EBOOK: Safety Technology In The Workplace 101

safety technology 101 - blog image - october 2018

Well, you’re using a piece of technology to view this now so I don’t have to tell you that technology is becoming a commonly used tool in the workplace. From safety vests to video conferencing, and all the way to virtual reality. Not all training has to happen in the real world now — weird right!But don't panic. We have a new piece of content that will catch you right up to speed and even more.


This eBook will show you what technology is out there to:

  • Make your workplace safer with technology

  • Make collaboration easier for you and your employees

  • How to get started implementing safety tech

  • Why you should start now and be able to look forward to what’s coming


Tech does not have to be the bad guy. If your team embraces the new technology slowly you will see the benefits some companies are raving about. 


QR codes can be used to scan training, augmented reality can be used to display warning messages, drone safety technology, and virtual reality can be used to simulate training situations that otherwise might be too dangerous to experience hands on. Even down to the simple stuff like smart phones. Have you every considered that your employees might be wasting time spending time just sitting in the truck waiting for a storm to pass or a piece of equipment to be fixed? If you embrace smart phones and implement a cell phone policy your employees can make better use of that lost time with safety training. 


Now microburst safety technology is easier than ever to deliver directly to a cell phone via a text message. This is perfect to keep safety top of mind. 


So the next time you are feeling like technology is out to get you consider steering into the trend. Make technology work for you instead of you working to keep technology out. 


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