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Safety In The Workplace: How To Protect Your Ears


Safety in the workplace is a bigger issue than many let on. Surprisingly to me, often workplace safety affects people who don't even work at a specific company. 66 people died as bystanders in 2013 (source).

Thanks to a Staples infographic I quickly learned that it only takes 15 minutes to suffer hearing damage. That is roughly 5 songs on iTunes or Spotify. Knowing the number of people I see wearing headphones today I have decided to give you 7 headphone tips that I have found so you can prevent hearing loss in 2017.

1. When working in loud environments, wear earplugs. Check this guide to see if you work in a "loud" environment (source).

2. When listening to music or using headphones at work try in-the-ear headphones so outside sound can not slip through causing you to turn up the volume (source).

3. Limit exposure to noise over 85 decimals. For an easy-to-reach chart click here to see where your everyday noises fall on the decimal chart (source).

4. Try to avoid exposure to noises that are abrupt (ex: gunshot). This can be more damaging than constant noise (source).

5. Quit Smoking. While you may think smoking and secondhand smoke are only hurting your lungs — you're wrong. "It literally suffocates cells throughout your body, including those inside your ear canal (source)."

6. Wear noise-cancelling headphones (source)! Constant low-level noise exposure can produce health issues just the same as loud noises.

7. Follow the 60:60 rule. Only listen to music for 60 minutes at 60%, then make sure to take a break (source).

Do you have more hearing safety tips? We want to know. Comment below to tell us how you protect your ears.

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