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Top Security Considerations For Your Construction Site


Whether starting a new construction site or trying to improve your current one, site security should be front of mind. The first thing that needs to be done is to consider your inventory/property and how it is stored. You should also have someone and/or something monitoring your site at all times during working hours as well as after work hours when there might not be any workers on site anymore.


It is also very important for you to keep track of everyone coming onto the construction site so you can be alerted to anything suspicious. If your site is monitored effectively with the latest access control technologies and you are utilizing clocking in and out, you will also be better equipped to handle a coronavirus outbreak via contact tracing. Here are our top security considerations for your construction site and why it is so important.

Why Is Security Important?

Construction sites store expensive and valuable items such as construction machinery and materials. From cement to steel, to bricks and machinery, these sites store expensive materials that need to be secured while workers are present and after they leave. Security is crucial for not just the protection of the expensive items on site but also to protect those who may come into contact with hazardous or potentially dangerous machines and materials.


You can find numerous damages due to poor security such as:

  1. Robbery

  2. Vandalism

  3. Disturbing The Peace

  4. Illegal Dumping

  5. Loitering

  6. Arson

  7. Vandalism

  8. Illegal Parking


For the reasons listed above, all construction sites should have 24/7 security. This could be through security personnel on-site during working and after work hours, access control, or video camera security. The most secured sites combine all of these approaches to construction security.



4 Considerations To Improve The Security Of The Site

In order to improve the security of a construction site, there are a few things you must do. The first thing is to have a security policy. This means making sure that all employees and people visiting the construction site know how to behave while on site.


Second, you must hire security guards who can be trusted and will stay at their posts for the entire time that they are on duty.


Third, you must keep a record of everything that is going on in the area of security, from the number of hours the guards worked, to how many people entered and exited the premises - which should include ID photos if possible. This can be done through access control technology, which brings us to our fourth and final point.


Lastly, install an access control system with video cameras at every gate entrance and get one for each machine or space that contains expensive materials. This means no one will be able to enter or leave without being recorded or noticed by a security guard.


Security Policy

A construction site has to have a proper security policy and rules. Here are a few tips on how to can make a security policy effective:

  • The site has to be monitored 24/7.

  • Individuals that are working on the site should be identified or wear a uniform.

  • There's no way to break into the site and no loose parts that can be removed.

  • The site should be well lit at night, especially around storage areas.

  • There should be a basic alarm system on the construction site.

Keep these points in mind as you make a security policy for your construction site.



The second thing you need to do is make sure the security staff is trustworthy. It's important that they're honest and good at their job. You want to take into consideration where they're from, what their education level is, how much work experience they have and if they already know anything about your company.

When it comes to hiring, there are a few things to consider:

  • Length of employment history, including current and previous employers

  • Education background

  • Background check results


Keep A Record Of Everything

Keeping a record of everything is important for security, including the material that's being used, the number of people working on the site, and what kind of equipment is being used. This will help you stay organized, act according to any regulations that apply to the project, and identify any potential problems before they become serious.


Knowing what kind of material is being stored, where it's located, and any other important information will let you know how to keep things safe.


Access Control  

Though having security personnel to watch over your site is advisable, an effective (and secure) solution would be to invest in an access control system.


Put simply, access control is a means of controlling who enters a location and when. This is vital for keeping construction businesses protected from security threats, as a security guard will not be sharp and available 24/7. Furthermore, for a security strategy to work effectively, all the physical components must work together: access control, smart door locks, video cameras, and alarms and sensors. An access control system can tie all these security features together, meaning you have full management and visibility over your construction site and who is entering and exiting.


It is important to invest in a high-quality access control system that is monitored by a professional company. Look for a system that has added security features, such as automatic alerts, remote unlock capabilities, and occupancy tracking.



To ensure the safety of your materials, it's important to take precautionary measures. It is necessary to have security staff on-site and an access control system. You also need a proper security policy that defines rules for everyone in the organization.


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