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“What if You Could” Production Management: Reduce Scrap and Save Money



When it comes to manufacturing, scrap and waste happen, but what if you could reduce your waste to the smallest amount possible. William Macia, from Maker's Row, tells us that waste is so much more than the extra parts and material left on the floor. Waste comes from all areas, not just the work floor. Waste can even come from the design team.

The production management team plays a huge role in reducing your scrap. It is not just the management team though. It is up to everyone at your company to think outside the box when scrap does happen. Let’s go over 3 ways production and design team members can help reduce scrap and save money at your company.

Up-to-date Training Documents

What if you could keep all documents on your shop floor up-to-date in real time? According to Arena Solutions many small to medium sized companies don’t even realize they have a documentation problem. With your management and new paperwork located in the office and your workers on the shop floor it may be hard to know that there is a problem until you see it in your bottom line.

With a solution like Ving you know when the problem is happening before it gets out of hand

You need to be able to communicate with your workers in real-time. If they are working on the floor and an update comes in about the machine or part they are building — they need to know. Create a digital information packet from your office and share it immediately on the shop floor in real time. Your digital information packet can include the new quality alert paperwork, training videos, and even a survey to make sure everyone understands the update.

Analyze Design

Waste occurs in more places than just on the shop floor. What if you could eliminate waste before your team ever start building? Connect with your design team. Encourage your team to start thinking in an unconventional approach — you’ll be surprised the amazing ideas they come up with. It is easy and understandable to assume that an item that has been built time and time again is being done correctly, however there may be a better way! Maker’s Row encourages designers to challenge convention. You could be the one to find a better way!

Share ideas before the product hits the floor in Ving! It is true when they say that 2 brains are better than 1. With Ving, you can share images and videos of your product ideas allowing everyone in and outside your office to stay on the same page.

Have a Scrap Plan

Since we have established that scrap happens — have a plan for your waste. If you collect any fallen scrap or re-work and recycle or reuse it you will see a reduced waste cost for your company. Your scrap may work for something else in your building. Everything from cart ties to hangers or even floor mats. Soon your scrap will be a treasure.

No more thinking “What if you could” now you can start thinking “Now that I can!” To learn more about how Ving can help you achieve all of your what if you could goals check out for your FREE trial today!

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