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Riddle:  They have been sent for years and never opened. They are used by everyone but not done right. Can you guess what it is?

Answer:  A newsletter.

Newsletters are crucial to keeping your audience (members, employees, etc.) in the loop but are you doing it right? We all know that your newsletter plays a huge role in the importance of business communication but it is 2017 and it's time to know how effective your newsletter actually is.

First let’s make a list of the things you need to gather up.

  1. A link to your company calendar. (If you maintain a Google Calendar make sure you have it set to view only.)
  2. A link to your company’s social media pages.
  3. Survey questions
  4. Any other important information.


Now it is time to create your newsletter in Ving. Upload your calendar as a link so when there are new events added or removed from the calendar you do not have to swap out a PDF or any text. Easy right! 




Next you need to look at the content you have and the goal of your newsletter. For example is your newsletter in place to keep your members all on the same page or is your newsletter trying to engage people to sign up or attend an event?

Whatever your goal, your newsletter should follow the motto less is more. People have a lot coming across their plates all the time. If you jam your newsletter full of pictures, links, calendars, events, and text your readers may have a tendency to skim and miss something really important.

We have a plan to eliminate the amount of newsletter “skimmers” and improve your communication.


When you have a big event pick 1 really awesome photo to put in your Ving. Research says that visuals always dominate for engagement. But what do you do with all those other amazing photos? Put the rest on Facebook in an album! This will help you build an audience on social media and your newsletter. Even better, include the Facebook album link in your Ving and swap out the thumbnail for your top notch photo!



Remember those survey questions I told you to grab? Here is where you need them. With Ving you can include a few questions. Do you need volunteers? Ask for them. Do you know want to know how many members will be at the next meeting? Ask them.  Do you want to find out who needs more information or time?  Ask them.  

Okay now log into Ving and create your super awesome newsletter! We are excited to hear what you think. We want to help you grow your audience and get more engagement out of your newsletter.


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