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10 Short Lessons: Scaffolding Safety Starts Here

10 Short Lessons: Scaffolding Safety Starts Here


On December 7, 2008 Alcides Moreno fell toppled 47 floors from a New York City skyscraper, while working on scaffolding, because he ignored safety procedures designed to prevent such an accident. Miraculously, Moreno, despite breaking most of the bones in his body, survived the 500 foot fall but learned the hard way to never take shortcuts while working on a scaffolding.


Because of the dangerous nature of working on scaffolding, OSHA has enacted safety rules designed specifically for workers who make a living on such a dangerous support system.


Our video lessons on scaffolding safety outline the various procedures to keep your employees safe on scaffolding, including its proper assembly, best placement of a scaffolding on the worksite, the optimum methods to handle tools while working on a scaffolding, and fall prevention.




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