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23 Templates Filled With Workplace Safety Tips

Did you know that close to 5,000 workers died in 2015 on the job? (source) Workplace safety has never been more important than it is right now. You need a tool, like Ving, that allows you to keep your employees trained and up to date on policies and regulations. Here are 21 templates that are full of workplace safety tips you can share with your team today.

1 - 7 Common OSHA Violations

Check out this playlist filled with common OSHA violations.

Common OSHA Violations


8 - 10 Fire Safety

Check out this playlist for fire safety tips.

Fire Safety


11 - 14 First Aid

Don’t just do 1 first aid training a year. Share throughout the year so your team stays up to date.

First Aid


15 - 17 Machinery Operation

Working with heavy machines can be complicated and dangerous, remind your employees with these safety tips.

Machinery Operation

18 - 21 Seasonal Safety

Every season has it’s pros and cons — they also have their own safety tips.

Seasonal Safety

Are you not seeing a template you can use? Comment below and our team will get to work on adding more templates on safety matters that are important to you.

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