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Training For Hand And Power Tool Safety In A Construction Environment

Training For Hand And Power Tool Safety In A Construction Environment


Everytime you send your employees out to the construction site they are going more than likley going to be using a power tool. Are they properly trained on hand and power tool safety in a construction environment?

Tools have the potential to cause eye injuries, burns, sprains, abrasions, or even amputations. Power tools are especially dangerous since they expose workers to multiple hazards at once. Tools can also cause hearing loss, back injuries, and respiratory problems. As a construction worker, it is crucial to understand how to care for your tools, and how to keep yourself safe on the job.


We have an online training course that discusses the general safety practices one should use when handeling hand and power tools: the importance of tool maintenance, using the right tools for the right job, knowing how to operate tools, and wearing the appropriate personal protective equipment.


Your employees need this course to learn how to use power tools safely, and how to prevent kickback from these tools.


Your construction workers need to have a healthy respect for the tools they use. By viewing this online course, your employees will understand the hazards associated with hand and power tools to result in faster, safer work.


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