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3 Tips for Effective Business Communication Strategies

effective communication strategiesWith the right effective business communication strategies, you will no longer find it difficult to communicate with co-workers.

In any aspect of your life, communication is key. How many times has miscommunication negatively impacted your day, whether with your spouse, friends, or at work? Using effective communication strategies ensures that everyone is on the same page and will make sure you are getting your message across as clearly as possible.

Paul J. Meyer once said that “Communication - the human connection - is key to personal and career success.”

Having the ability to communicate at a professional level can take you a long way in your career as well as in your life. You may not realize how much communication impacts your day-to-day life, but it does. This is why it is very important to learn effective communication strategies while at work— whether it be verbal or nonverbal.

Check out this infographic along with the tips below to improve your effective communication strategies in the workplace.


Communication isn’t just all about you doing the talking, it involves listening to other people as well. A common mistake that people make; when someone else is talking they tend to only be thinking about what they want to say when it’s their time to talk again. The key information is missed because they’re not fully listening to what is being said first to them.

Good listening skills is high on the list of effective communication strategies because it shows a genuine interest. Excellent listening skills is a great characteristic of a successful communicator. To be a great listener make sure you listen completely when someone else (an employee, co-worker, prospect, etc.) is talking. Then, once they are finished, you can take a moment... think... and then respond.

Know Your Audience

Have you ever wondered what method of communication to use when looking for the best response from someone? For example: When you send an email to your supervisor asking a question it takes a while for him or her to get back but if you were to ask them in his or her office the response is immediate.

Figure out how your co-workers like to receive information — this will get you the information you need right away and it will be more accurate because of the better understanding. Making a mental note about which communication tool (whether it be email, Ving, face-to-face, or video chat) works best for the people you communicate with is part of having effective communication strategies.

Get to the Point

Just like you are busy with your daily tasks, so are you co-workers. A great example of effective communication strategies is to show value to their time. Be sure to be concise as possible when giving information.

Answer the questions asked and give only important information. In return, you will receive a quick response with the information needed. Besides keeping your email concise and to the point be aware of someone's schedule. It is important to know when your co-workers are busy and when they are free for your questions.

These tips are just the beginning to having effective communication strategies in the workplace. Incorporate these tips with our great tool and your effective communication strategies are sure to succeed! Ving allows you to see who has viewed your message, which part, and when; how awesome! Sign up below for your free trial of Ving today!

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