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4 Email Communication Tips The Non Tech Savvy Users Will Love


You may have seen a few of our blog posts explaining how communication is key when it comes to safety on the job. Now, there are many different methods of communication, but one of our favorites is email—it’s just so versatile!


Creating those effective emails that are really engaging can seem like a major challenge to our non-tech-savvy audience. We want to give you a few tips that prove how easy it can be to communicate safety information in your organization without any special computer expertise.


All you need to get started with these crazy simple email communication tips is a free trial from Ving. You can start creating professional, engaging emails in no time, whether you’re communicating about safety training, reminders, or anything at all!


Create Contact Groups

Whether you want to send out communications to everyone in the company or just a select group, creating contact groups is a great way to save time and ensure that no one is left out. By using premade contact lists, you won’t have to select every recipient for each message—just pick the group(s) you want and compose your message!


Include Simple Multimedia Content

This may seem like a difficult feat, but the right tools make multimedia creation super simple. With Ving, you can record a quick voice message from right inside of the tool, and your message recipients will just click to listen—no downloading required! You can also easily add your own pictures, videos, documents, and more.


Save Templates

If you’ve got similar messages to send out to different groups or at different times, templates are a great option. It doesn’t take any special know-how, and it saves you some time and energy. All you have to do is make a copy of an existing ving and change anything you want in it, whether that’s content or recipients.


Verify Messages Opened

Great communication can’t happen if it’s one-sided. You have to know whether your communications have been received, opened, and completed. Tracking these things will help you to improve your communication, which will improve your company’s overall safety—and this automatic feature requires zero effort on your part!


Email communication shouldn’t be a chore, and it doesn’t require special technical knowledge to create really great messages. Try out our easy email communication tips for yourself and let us know how they worked for you!


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