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Mobile Effective Email Communication Skills

Your mobile device has changed your effective email communication skills for the better.

Mobile devices... some people love them, some people hate them. Some use them for personal, some use them for work, some use for both. I am one who right in the middle ground. The debate has been going around our office — just how effective is mobile communication and can you have effective email communication skills on a mobile device.

Statistics have proven time after time that mobile is taking over the world. Even Google has decided that if you are not mobile friendly you’re not “first page worthy.” But are we more effective on mobile and is really benefiting us a whole.


First let's talk about multitasking. While on your mobile device, especially a smartphone, you are probably multitasking. If you aren’t -- you’re on the move, which may be just as bad. But your phone isn’t all bad and multitasking isn’t a bad thing either if perfected. It is about finding the balance. Our mobile phones allow us to easily bounce back and forth between apps, searching, and email. This can be an effective email communication skill in itself. While writing an email you can search the web for the latest news, tips, or statistic.


Their size (small) makes them mobile. When using a mobile device the screen is smaller and potentially more difficult to accomplish some tasks, however, no matter where you are your small mobile device has your back. We are able to get work done while walking to the car while waiting in the long line at the grocery store, or even at home during commercial breaks. These small devices go everywhere with us.

Changing The World

Mobile devices are changing our effective email communication skills for the better. Because we are able to multi-task we are able to deliver more thoughtful responses. Due to their size and mobility those thoughtful responses no longer have to wait till the next day. Our mobile devices have also made building a relationship a part of our effective email communication skills. While on your mobile device you can easily find your phone contacts on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. You can sync your email contacts and really get to know someone.

Effective email communication skills include your mobile device — it is time to embrace it.

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