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4 Reasons Why eLearning Boosts Employee Engagement [INFOGRAPHIC]

7K0A0223Employee engagement is crucial to the success of every organization. See how eLearning boosts staff engagement and productivity with this infographic.

The digital learning revolution is not just for schools. Education via online learning has also become a major practice at corporations all across the country.

Whether it’s training to ensure compliance with company regulations or extra education to enhance professional development, eLearning has incredible benefits both for staff and their employers.

Check out this infographic that highlights some of the best advantages of eLearning.

eLearning and employee engagement

To summarize (based on the infographic), here are four reasons why implementing eLearning in your organization boosts efficiency, productivity, and employee engagement:

  1. Using eLearning for staff training saves a lot of money that would otherwise be spent on an on-site instructor’s fees and travel arrangements.
  2. Using eLearning for staff training reduces the amount of time lost sitting in a traditional class environment; the time saved allows employees to return to their projects and assignments that much faster.
  3. eLearning that provides professional development and task training has the double benefit of saving both time and money by retaining employees instead of losing them to other jobs; almost a quarter of employees leave their jobs if no professional development and/or training is offered.
  4. eLearning actually helps staff remember the information better, a very important factor for corporations whose employees must strictly comply with government regulations and can’t afford to make mistakes.

Whether you’re new to the use of digital tools in the workplace or an experienced user, it’s not too late to get started or improve what you’re already doing.

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