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4 Video Email Services to Increase Open Rates


You have heard that video is the wave of the future and you have begun looking into a few video email services, but which is right for your company?

A few years ago... it was images — now it's video. It is easy to see why video has become such a trend. Watching a 3 minute video is easier than reading 10,000 words. You can multitask while watching a video, and videos are more engaging than plain text. Marketers are using video email services to help increase their open rates, and with the availability of new technology creating a video is easier than ever!

First, let’s lay out the facts thanks to BrainShark

  • It is predicted that by 2017 74% of all internet traffic will be video.
  • Video has the best ROI according to 52% of marketing professionals.
  • More than half of viewers watch ¾ of a video.
  • More than 90% of marketers have turned to video.
  • Having a video in your email can increase your open rates by 20%
  • Having a video in an email can double your click rates.
  • Using the word video in a subject line:
    • Increases open rates by 19%
    • Increases click rates by 65%
    • Reduces unsubscribes by 26%
  • B2B and B2C marketers say video is one of the top 3 content winners on social media.

So you need to be using video email services. BombBomb, Covideo, and eyejot are some of the most well known video services in use today. These services help you create the video messages that your contacts are looking for.

Internal Communication

If you are using email for your internal communication you know that file sizes can be a pain, especially when sharing videos. It is important to interact with your team face to face. With the increase in remote employees — this can be difficult. Video is the answer.

Record a video of you talking to your employees. Sending a personal message along with the required documents or meeting notes will give you that face to face connection you are looking for. When creating your video make sure to keep it short. You don’t want to bore your listener by reading all the information they are going to find in the document that’s attached. Be personal. Remember that these are your employees/co workers. Through these videos you will build a relationship without leaving the comfort of your desk.

External Communication

Video is great here too. You can see above that just the mention of video increases your open rates by nearly 20%. And for those of us in the email marketing world, you know 20% is HUGE! When emailing to those outside your company, and even inside your company, you want to do more than just attach a video to a standard email. First, you are going to struggle with those pesky file limitations and second the point of your video is to be engaging. This is when you start searching the web for video services.

The services mentioned above are great! And partnered with Dropbox or/and Survey Monkey and you can have several tools that get the job done. Here at Ving we weren’t okay with that. Now I may be a little bias, since I am a member of the Ving team, but I know your schedule is busy. I know you, like everyone else, don't have the time or the patience to remember 4 different logins for 4 different tools. We created a software that does it all! You can record and send video messages right inside Ving. You can choose a template and color scheme — this is great for those of us who are not as tech savvy. Add surveys, files, images, and text boxes, all without any file size or type limitations.

Now all of these video email services will help you increase your open rates. It’s about finding the tool that is best for you. Below you can learn more about Ving! However, no matter what tool you use keep this in mind.

  1. Find a tool that saves you time.
  2. Increases productivity.
  3. Creates engaging messages.
  4. Helps your message stand out.
  5. Easy to implement.
  6. Easy to use.

If you keep these 6 tips in mind when picking the perfect video email services for your company, your open rates will increase in no time!



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