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4 Ways Ving Gives Your Communication Efforts An Overhaul


At Ving, our core mission is to bridge the communications engagement gap between people in a way that creates greater accountability for individuals, results-oriented action, and an innovative competitive edge for the organization.

One of the benefits that comes out of this mission is that employees naturally want to perform at their personal best. To this end, individual improvement and competitiveness contributes to the continual success of the entire organization.


This overarching goal was a key driver behind us creating the platform – giving professionals in a variety of work environments a simple, useful tool for sharing multiple types of content and critical information without wondering if their communications efforts got lost in the shuffle. After all, information not shared, or misunderstood, can lead to poor performance, just as clearly sharing information in an engaging and track-able way can lead to stellar performance.


We take the goal of empowering individuals via information sharing very seriously, as it’s not just the foundation of our technology platform but also a key part of our company culture and how we strive to continuously raise the bar – collectively and personally. When it comes to our company culture, our mission comes full circle; we all use our tool daily to cut down on meeting times, enable telecommuting, engage more personally with team members, and share pearls of wisdom in audio and video messages to encourage specific individuals to do their best.


So how can we help YOU and your colleagues do a better job of sharing information, and as a result achieve your personal best - leading to a healthier, more competitive company? Here are four ways:


1. Multiple ways to share information:

With multiple media and content options for how you share information, along with an analytics dashboard to track how recipients interact with your content – Ving enables you to attract and maintain the attention of those with whom you engage on an ongoing basis. This can include people inside and outside your organization – co-workers, supervisors/managers, customers and prospects, and partners. This form of communication and information sharing is more effective and engaging than traditional methods – generating better results as people actually access (versus ignore) the information and can reference it again.


By giving you visibility into how effective a particular approach is, you can creatively optimize the way you share information, especially for more goal-oriented and/or concept-driven communications, such as training, employee onboarding, or providing a specific call to action. By giving you the ability to effortlessly send an audio or video message, you can generate a marked increase in viewership, understanding and responsiveness.


2.Better-informed and prepared workforce:

By communicating and sharing information more effectively, employees are better prepared for meetings and discussions. This helps them connect the dots between disperse business and organizational processes – alleviating potential bottlenecks. And because you can see how different people engaged with different pieces of information in your digital packet, personal and organizational accountability are much stronger.


3.Informative and energized work environment:

When people have the tools to convey information in the format that is most appropriate, that information is less likely to be confused or misinterpreted. Using audio or video can be especially effective given the clarity of tone that comes through in a way that is not possible with text. In fact, some studies show that 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual; as well, visuals are processed by our brains 60,000 times faster than text. Thus, more efficient information sharing can transform a scattered and chaotic work environment into an informative, yet creative and energizing, world.


4.Increased efficiencies and seamless work environments:

People naturally become more efficient when they can work in a way that makes sense for them, rather than the way multiple applications might try to impose a particular approach to productivity on them. At Ving, employees get one “remote day” a week, where they can work from home or another off-site location. If they’re unable to attend a meeting while working remotely, we use Ving to send them meeting notes and a short video message that encapsulates what they missed. We can even avoid meetings altogether by using Ving to send out video — or audio — recorded discussion items, which gives people more time to just do their jobs. Case in point: communications and information sharing that helps to get things done should be seamless, not a chore.


The deficiencies of traditional communications have resulted in a struggle among many departments and organizations today to bridge the information sharing and engagement gap between people. We think there is a way to address this and create greater accountability for individuals, results-oriented action, and an innovative competitive edge for the organization. If this sounds like a familiar scenario, give Ving a try today – and see you and your team start communicating like pros and setting the performance and efficiency bar higher and higher!




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