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5 Best Blogs To Follow About Product Quality


The Internet of Things (IoT) is allowing manufacturers to connect and improve product quality. One manufacturer has implemented this thinking and has seen, “overall equipment effectiveness has increased by 24 percent, labor utilization by 10 percent, and throughput by 10 percent.” To keep on top of these trends here are 5 manufacturing blogs that we think you should follow to help improve overall product quality.

1. Shopfloor

Shopfloor was founded in 2004 and is the blog of the National Manufacturer Association. This blog is widely recognized and constantly updated. If you are looking to stay ahead of the curve this is a blog you will want to bookmark.

Follow shopfloor on twitter @ShopfloorNAM


2. Manufacturing Innovation Blog

Covering everything from data to innovation to sustainability this blog has you covered. The Manufacturing Innovation blog is powered by the Manufacturing Extension Partnership. Their focus is really on small and medium sized manufacturers.

Their latest blog “What’s So Cool About Manufacturing? Everything!” Is an excellent read. This blog features entries from a contest they held that really shows how cool manufacturing really is.

3. American Manufacturing

The Alliance for American Manufacturing was formed in 2007. This blog is well maintained, keeping all of their readers in the loop on American manufacturing.

To stay in the loop with them follow them on Twitter @keepitmadeinUSA


4. Made in Ohio

This blog makes our list since it has a strong focus on manufacturing in the buckeye state! O-H-I-O! This blog posts  new articles a few times a month, covering a variety of topics all related to manufacturing.

They recently interviewed the president and executive director of WIRE-Net


5. Cisco Blog

The Cisco Blog covers a variety of topics. Their focus on manufacturing is phenomenal. Did you know that less than 20% of US manufacturers have a connected (IoT) environment? You would if you subscribed to the Cisco Blog. 

What manufacturing blogs are you currently following? We want to know! Comment below to let us know what manufacturing blogs are your favorite.


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