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5 Effective Communication Tips to Managing Remote Employees


This infographic has 5 tips that will guide you in establishing (or improving) effective communication with your remote employees.

Let’s say you own or manage a small business, and you just found some great new people you’d like to hire. There’s only one problem. They don’t live in the area, and you don’t have any money to offer them for relocation expenses.

If you’re savvy, you will do what over 50% of companies are already doing: let employees work remotely.

That’s right. According to the following infographic, 57% of companies have a formal policy allowing staff to work off-site.

Why do so many companies offer this option? Perhaps it’s because this is what the younger generation of workers expects. Or it could be that it is very difficult to both find and retain top talent, so having flexible work options is necessary for growth and success.

Of course, the big question is how to train and establish effective communication with people you never see in person. Does it work?

Yes, it does, if you have a good plan. Whether you’ve been using remote employees for a while or are new to the game, the following tips offer the best ways to communicate with your valuable remote staff.

improve communication with remote employees


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