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Next week is Thanksgiving. Have you thought about how you will say thank you? Do you have anything planned for your team? thanksgiving-gif-muppet.gifWe have created two amazing Vings just for you that you can send to your employees thanking them for all their hard work and efforts this year. A simply thank you can be some of the best employee engagement ideas.

Simply click on the Ving, sign up/log in to your Ving account, click the green create button and then share away!

i appreciate you!


heart felt thanks to employees

Besides sending them a thank you Ving make sure to say thank you with a little something extra. Here are a few ideas of ways that you can say thank you.

  1. Try giving them a free day off.

  2. Offer up a free lunch.

  3. Plan an office activity day.

  4. Or you can try giving a small gift (like fun office supplies)

For even more ways to say thank you check out this blog here.

Make sure to let us know what you do this year! Let’s fill every office with positive words this Friday. In our world we appreciate a positive gesture and we know your employees will, too.