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5 Ways To Provide Safety For Women In The Workplace

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Women's safety is still a significant issue in many parts of the world. Every year women's day is celebrated across the board. Many committees are developed and developing now and then to ensure the safety concerns for women. But yet women's harassment is significant distress in the world. Before walking out of homes, girls and women have to think about many things, especially when they are alone.


There have been discussions about employee safety at the workplace and equal opportunities for all. But the results are still not enough. Women are facing everyday obstacles from reaching the workplace working there, dealing with their colleagues and clients.


These days women are working in almost all the fields, standing at equal levels as men. In this decade, it is no more surprising that women in the workplace are flourishing. Female bosses are no more equally expected than males. Yet, women avoid golden opportunities to avoid inequality, harassment, and unnormalized behaviors at the workplace.


5 Ways To Consider At Workplace For Women's Safety

There can be a lot of things done to encourage women in the workplace. Companies are stepping forward to make a friendly and safe environment for women.


Comprehend Women And Cater Fair Standards

At the workplace, women are gradually gaining grip over the topmost positions in great companies. However, there are many places where women are not given fair chances to prove their talent. In working places, women's skills and abilities are underestimated. The myths like leading are just man's thing, resists the women to stand at their deserving places in the company.


Companies need to break these stereotypes. They should motivate the women to take risks, tackle any hurdle and acquire the highest position in the company that she deserves. They should bring for the chances wherein the women can perform and showcase best out of themselves at the office.


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Women should feel included in all forms of work, whether physical or decision-making. A company needs skillful, dedicated employees to foster the best performances for the company, ultimately acquiring the company's growth. For a company, an employer's performance is a valuable asset despite gender preferences. Whether a man or a woman, the company should be providing the platforms to perform equally; women should be encouraged equally at every level.


In 2020, the working place gender gap was drawn worldwide by type of roles. These graphs are expected to rise eventually.


types of roles chart



Ensure Women's Safety At Workplace

Any size of the organization is there, and it should have policies to prevent women from any abuse at the workplace. An unsafe woman at a place is carrying a lot of risks and stress inside herself, which resists her from working in that environment with 100% efficiency. A company should ascertain a secure place for the women in the office. Any acts against the physical safety of the women should be considered inappropriate conduct.


Severe steps must be conducted against any practices against the harassment of women. Companies should impose a Zero tolerance policy that regulates the harassment of women. It should include what compose sexual harassment at the workplace, how women employees can sign a complaint against the harassment, and what instant responses to carry out against the act by the company.


Such a policy would assure women a safe environment, curb further incidents, and ensure fair surroundings for all. Also, this would spread awareness among the employees about the conditions, especially women employees. It can help them raise their voice against these unfair means before going to a higher level.


Develop Internal Complaint Committee (ICC)

The sexual harassment in the office with women Act, 2013 has developed an imperative move for all kinds of organizations to form an ICC for the sake of employees. It has an ideal motto to look after women's safety in the workplace. The company established a committee that will listen to women about their problems and doubts. Within 90 days of the instance, the woman can file a complaint.


A woman in a professional place can have numerous problems related to their work life. Harassment is one common problem. A victim may fear stepping in to speak up for herself. So, in that case, any of the friends in the organization can speak up for her with written consent. ICC should do complete research on the incidents and take action against it.


They form this kind of group guard of the women's physical safety that indirectly takes care of their emotional well-being. It will click them to the workplace, and then there will be sky as a limit for their growth. The world of decades that have these awful conducts are carried which is in serious need to root out. Policies like ICC is one major step against it.


Provide Safety Measure to the Women

A workplace should provide all the safety measures to women. It should cater to all the risks on the premises. The equipment and environment at the workplace can generate chronic effects. Even the fieldwork could have hazards for women. Many firms are not providing fieldwork protection to women as equal as men. It demotivates them to work and diminishes the efficiency they could give.


However, a firm should give equal facilities for both men and women employees. One should have a proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) kit. Women's bodies are different from men's. Industries should ensure that the women get the size that fits their bodies. This is to encourage an equivalent environment for all the employees.


Awareness & Wellness Themes

A woman needs to know about harassment and other unfair means at the workplace. It is equally essential that the people in the workplace should be aware of women's safety. Open discussions at the workplace, seminars, workshops are some of the mediums that will help them clued-up for the practices. It would orient them to conduct any of these unwanted practices and make them aware of taking action.


Moreover, a wellness scheme for women is also necessary for the office. It will ensure better health of the employees at the working place, specifically of women. Women are playing several roles consecutively, which can cause depression and physical ill-health. Moreover, harassment can affect their mental health for long periods. A wellness policy helps employees to stay motivated, leading to work efficiency.


Corporate wellness has become a huge firm worldwide, with employers looking to keep their workforce motivated, healthy, and happy. It could range from corporate wellness programs to healthy eating habits and creating healthier working surroundings in the office. The measure of the global corporate wellness market is foreseen to rise to $87.2 billion until 2027, a rise of 5.4 percent on the figure from 2020.



An office place should ensure equal rights, safe surroundings, convenience to work with, and a motivating environment for women. Women can do wonders in any place of work if they get an opportunity. Not only an opportunity but a seizure environment is also necessary for a woman. It is their right to work wherever they want. It is the responsibility of an organization to ensure a friendly and safe place to work in.


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