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6 Employee Engagement Ideas Backed by Science

6 Employee Engagement Ideas Backed by ScienceThese 6 employee engagement ideas are back by science and will help you persuade your employees to success!

There is a true art to persuasion. Everyone can be persuaded, but it is a matter of learning just what convinces someone. Today the plan was to eat the lunch I brought to work... that didn't happen. Someone mentioned Panera and I was on board — no persuading needed.

Your employees and co-workers are just as easily persuaded, but it is a matter of knowing just what it takes.

According to an infographic posted on Entrepreneur, there is a science to persuasion.

employee engagement ideas

Each of these scientific ways to persuade can be applied to your  engagement ideas.

  1. Reciprocity

It is important to give back to your employees. When you are looking for new employee engagement ideas think about ways you can give back to your employees. These may be small gifts or small tokens of appreciation.

  1. Scarcity

Not only is giving back some of the best engagement ideas but giving scarcity. It is important to engage your employees with rarities. People enjoy things more if there are less of them. As it may be much appreciated to hear a thank you every now and again it is of greater appreciation to receive a book or small bonus for a job well done.

  1. Authority

As the authority in your office, you are one of the best engagement ideas. Your employees will follow your lead. Make sure to set the example across the board; mood, work ethic, dress, etc. Your employees will look up to you because of your experience and expertise.

  1. Consistency

Great employee engagement ideas start with consistency. If you are looking for a way to keep your employees engaged set a standard that is consistent. It can be challenging, and discouraging, to have a different level of expectancy with every project or task. Create a standard and make sure that it is consistent. If something changes simply notify your employees. This will keep everyone on the same page.

  1. Liking

Employee engagement ideas are easier to accomplish if you have a team that likes one another. Your employees are more likely to say “yes” and give anything a try if they are in a teamwork mindset.

  1. Consensus

Often people look to others to determine their own actions. A great way to get people engaged at your office is to offer them tools, tips, and tricks that have worked for others in the past. Instead of letting people try to find their own way, pave the path for them to success.

So whether persuasion is a science or an art — or maybe both — try these employee engagement ideas in your office to increase productivity, teamwork, and retention.


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