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11/18/21 6:00 AM Sweta Sharma

Are you the one who has an overfilled to-do list? If yes, then you must be the one who is avoiding the word “break” from your busy schedule. There is a group of employees at every organization who keeps on working without any pause. But is it beneficial to do so? Surely not. Human beings always need to take a break to begin in a refreshed manner.


When an employee urgently needs to complete the work on a deadline or complicated assignments that demands their total concentration, it is easy to want to avoid a break. But to work by putting in all the effort and upscale your worker’s performance, it is crucial to take the most-needed break. Because if you do not press the “pause” button in the employee’s work routine, the “hard work” mentality affects their mental and physical well-being, productivity, and overall performance.


With this scenario, let’s go through the compelling reasons that will push your organization up to encourage the workers to take breaks during your working days.


Let’s begin!


Fundamental Causes Showing The Importance Of Taking Breaks

The pandemic has left behind so many abrupt impacts on organizations that it has led to a need for a safe culture for all the employees. One of the major concerns that every company faces is the overall health and wellness of its employees. You can rightly manage this aspect by allowing your workers to take breaks. Breaks will enhance the possibilities of retaining, engaging, and developing your company’s talents, Safety Culture, health, and overall productivity. 


The following points will highlight the necessity of taking breaks at work.


1. Breaks Can Save Employees From Getting Unproductive

Employees might not want to step away from their desks to complete essential tasks, but breaks are crucial for the workday. When they tend to work continuously, their mind gets stuck and works in a steady flow. This practice leads to a decline in their performance instead of increasing it. 


By motivating workers to take mini-breaks, they can form a short set of deadlines that will encourage them to complete the job more quickly. Moreover, an efficient attendance management process can help the business to set breaks for employees and define attendance policies according to its need. An appropriately organized attendance management structure balances employee breaks and workflow so they do not get unproductive and have the time they deserve.  


All these efforts encourage employees to take breaks and spend some time outside the work, giving them fresh energy and motivation to begin again in a more concentrated way. Lunch break and tea break are ways to spend some free time and keep the workforce from getting unproductive.       


How To Turn Your Safety Program Into A Full Blown Safety Culture


2. Helps To Cultivate Healthier Habits

Often due to the workload, the ultimate focus of the employees relies on the completion of the task only. Due to such a working environment, their time on eating, resting and exercising decreases considerably. All these practices affect the physical as well as mental health of the employees. Moreover, it is not feasible to continuously keep working on the digital systems.  


When the employees continuously work on computer systems and smartphones, computer vision syndrome occurrence increases. As per NCBI’s report, nearly 70% of computer users suffer from this issue.   


What to do then to save your workplace from it? Pause the work and take a small break.


Medical professionals recommend that by working nearly 20 minutes on the systems, every individual take a break and look at something different 20 feet away for almost 20 seconds. Taking quick breaks will help you in protecting yourself and the workers from such a disease.


Another way to bring healthy habits into the routine is by incorporating proper lunch breaks. It will help them follow appropriate eating habits and even give them enough time to take a nap that works as a cleaning source for their minds to gain better information long-term.


3. Gives Workers The Power To Retain Information

All of us wonder how some brilliant ideas occur in our minds when we are relaxed? It is due to two modes of our brain - focused and diffused. Both are valuable and serve entirely different purposes that help you to complete your work.


To create something valuable, the workforce needs to take a break or, in another way, go in the diffused mode. It is found that when the brain is in a diffused state, the mind is more relaxed and in daydreaming mode. According to Barbara Oakley, in such a state, the brain hooks up and returns valuable insights needed to solve a challenging issue.   


Instead of the old tradition of the employees pushing themselves to find the solution to the issue, give your brain the time and relaxation to think on its own to solve the problems.


4. Gives Employees Space To Become More Creative

Every employee desires to keep themselves on the track of becoming a good creative personality. But due to workload and less habit of taking free time affects them from getting creative in their job. Some studies also say that if an employee is not taking enough time to take a break, it negatively affects their work. And this is not what the worker desires to occur with them. 


By continuously working, the workers exhaust their inner energy and capabilities that negatively affect their work, resisting their brain from bringing something innovative. Working continuously gradually affects their overall job, which is not fruitful to have in the workplace. 


Allowing the workforce to take a break gives them time to rest their body and the brain to develop new enthusiasm to perform their job. Such practice works in supporting the employees to do their job in a more acceptable and growing manner. Also, this will help them to work by putting 100% effort into performing the subsequent tasks.


5. Helps Them To Stay Mindful About The Primary Goals

For every company, it is necessary to ensure that all the workers are performing their job based on the goals and objectives set for them. But if employees avoid taking breaks, sadly, there are more possibilities of getting off track.


By following a little intermission, the employees can get back to their primary goals within a few seconds, which helps them get back from the lost weeds and work in a more concentrated manner. Such practice takes the workers on the right track to achieve the right things without confusion and misinterpretation.


6. Keeps Away The Generation Of Boredom Feeling

Let’s understand this concept by taking you to the employee’s workplace, where they continuously try to complete the task and project. In this situation, the number of thoughts, ideas flow in their mind. In the beginning, it seems beneficial to have such a productive environment, but not a single individual can sustain such focussed practice. 


Once they get out of that concentration phase, unfocused, irritated, bored feelings generate that last for a considerable time. That’s why human brains are not good enough to remain focused for a long time. You can quickly fix this issue by adding a short pause in their work routine. With such breaks, the workers feel mental relaxation that ultimately helps them to perform their work better.


Encourage Breaks, Keep Employee Motivated

It will be a hooray moment if you add this little word “break” into your workplace, and this will eventually lead to keeping the employees in the active and focused mode. Go through the reasons mentioned above for taking breaks, and in your company’s policies, add them in the well-deserved category to get all the benefits of having a company safety culture and success for your company.


How To Turn Your Safety Program Into A Full Blown Safety Culture


Author Bio: 

Sweta Sharma is a dynamic content creator with a vast observant mindset. Her vivid interests in modern technologies and marketing strategies help her in crafting novel content that readers acknowledge. Her readiness towards various subjects makes her articles more distinct and attractive.

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