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How To Create A Safe Workspace For Employee Mental Health?


Workplace health and safety is the key to success for the high-quality and productive work of employees of any company. In modern conditions of constant stress, it is necessary to guarantee the most pleasant working environment. The health and safety of working people is a global concern of modern companies. After the shock that the entire world is experiencing in connection with the global pandemic, now, employers have significantly redefined their views on the creation of office spaces and how it affects the psychological health of employees and overall employee wellness.


Statistics Speak

A person spends a significant part of their life at work, so its atmosphere will affect their moral and physical health. A recent study covering many European Union countries showed that the work environment has a negative impact on the ability to work for a third of employees. The study also found that almost half of Europe's workers are still working in wrong and uncomfortable, from the ergonomic point of view, poses. Almost a third of employees collide with noise during work; a quarter of employees work in conditions of dust, heat or cold, and vibration.


At the same time, a study from the University of Warwick in the UK found an increase in worker productivity by 12 percent in the case of a favorable work environment, including high-quality furniture (such items can be found at NY Furniture Outlets). Therefore, now more than ever, emotional health is a priority in the workspace design process.


What Is Changing?

Modern trends in creating comfort for employees are pleasing with their diversity and approach, taking into account social and psychological factors. For example, in various European countries, methods such as creating capsules for sleeping, spaces for playing sports or meditation, improving workplaces in accordance with the requests of the employee are currently being developed.


The practice of landscaping in office spaces has proven itself and is widely used. Greening and using interior items made from natural raw materials has a very positive effect on the work process and the health of employees. There are also known unique methods of decorating office spaces using green walls and a large number of plants, as well as using a special ventilation system that helps remove harmful impurities from the air and ensures a favorable indoor climate.


Closed, noisy offices, with a limited amount of personal space for each employee, are replaced by spacious, multi-level workplaces, as well as additional rooms for meetings and negotiations, with different floor and ceiling heights. This also contributes to the movement of the employee around the workspace and creates the illusion of a change of environment, which helps to switch attention and rest from previous tasks. Of course, it is important, in the face of ever-increasing stress, to zone jobs according to individual needs. Taking into account the need for personal space of each employee makes them feel more secure and comfortable. This is especially important in the context of women’s safety in the workplace.


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Sound Insulation And Proper Lighting

It is clear that designing workplaces with good sound insulation between work areas will significantly increase productivity and reduce work stress. In the Lenovo office in Milan, soundproofing panels are actively used to maintain a comfortable noise level. Large windows and pleasant lighting are also the key. It is better to organize the layout of office spaces with panoramic windows. This will facilitate the impact of technical devices on the vision and mental health of employees. As you can imagine, the lighting during the working day has a very strong effect on the health and efficiency of the work of staff. And the design of offices with light, transparent panels creates a sense of volume and has a positive effect on concentration. This helps to get rid of the problem of a confined space, a feeling of constriction during working activity.


Research has also proven that the use of circadian light is effective and beneficial in short daylight hours and long nights. It has a beneficial effect on mood, concentration, and the quality of rest after work.


Let’s Go For A Walk In A Park

The benefits of designing various types of work areas should be noted, taking into account the individual work of each employee. In some European countries, wellness office design projects already include the creation of open spaces for joint discussion, meetings, such as lounge areas, park areas for an opportunity to be in an informal atmosphere and escape from the work routine. Also, there are closed spaces for individual work and concentration on personal tasks.


Good Furniture For Good Work

We should not forget about the role of furniture in the overall picture of the interior, which is beneficial to health. Furniture that is properly selected for the needs of each employee can relieve many of the health problems and even mental discomfort that most of us feel during the working day. Almost each of us has anatomical features that should be taken into account when designing a workspace. How often does it happen that due to irritation caused by inappropriate or poor quality furniture, health problems arise?


Is it familiar to you to think about your soft couch or armchair while sitting at an uncomfortable table, in an unfitting chair in the office? Or think about back or knee pain instead of generating ideas and getting things done effectively.


Physical Activity in the Workspace

Mental health is deeply connected to physical health, according to the latest research, so it is a very good idea to create spaces for sports. This is where during breaks, each employee can engage in physical activity which they are fond of. Also, in continuation of this topic, it would not be superfluous to organize zones for a short sleep or rest. It is important to create areas for privacy, where a person could be alone with themselves, engage in meditation, or just take a break from the stress of the work. Such places are important for reloading and replenishing energy in the face of constant information pressure.


Or it might be worth creating pet-friendly areas where everyone can spend time with their pets. Psychologists have been explaining for a while how beneficial and how therapeutic contact with animals can be during work for any person. But in this case, it is also important to make the workspace safe for any kind of pet you want to have in the office, from birds and aquarium fish to cats and lizards.


A Safe Workspace Is Better For Productivity (Profitability)

It is absolutely obvious that the more opportunities for rest and relaxation are provided, the more efficient and qualitative the work process will be. This is exactly what many companies and employees who are under constant pressure and stress are lacking. Creating the most comfortable conditions, both for the body and for the soul of the employee helps to cope with the tasks as efficiently as possible and helps to feel like a really significant link in the process. The office often becomes our second home, a place where we spend a huge part of our life and in which we invest huge resources. Therefore, the more the workspace meets the needs of workers, the higher the productivity and efficiency of the work process.


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