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7 Resourceful Ways To Overcome The Post Holiday Blues


Summer safety has come to an end and so do the holidays. Even the first months of Autumn are gone too. All those holiday days spent on the beach or hiking the mountains are gone. If only you could extend it.


Regardless of the nature of your job, going back to work after a great holiday might prove to be difficult. Some of you might experience feelings of anxiety, depression and a lack of interest in your job. There is no difference between office and field workers.


No matter if you are a doctor, a seller or a construction worker, post-holiday office blues is something real that most of the people experience. Researchers from BBC found in one study that 76% of the British workers experience office blues after they return from holidays.


But how can you cope with those feelings of hopelessness and anxiety? What can you do to minimize the lack of interest in your tasks? How to overcome the post holiday blues?


1. Give Yourself Time to Catch Up

It is often difficult to go to work the next day after your arrival from vacation. You do not even have time to get used to your home and office again. After two or more weeks of holidays, you might feel that you just want to extend your holiday.


Giving yourself time to catch up on the latest updates would be a good idea. Consider taking an extra free day. Or, you can think about this when you plan your holiday. Returning on Sunday from holiday and going to work on Monday might be a little bit unrealistic. You might think that you will be rested, fresh and willing to return to work. But things are a little bit different.


You need an extra day to unpack your luggage and chill at home. Give yourself time to get used to the fact that the holiday is over and the next day you have to go to work. Do not rush into your job tasks and give yourself space to be anxious and think about the holiday.


2. Change Your Perspective on the Situation

On your first day back, you may feel more anxious and depressed. You can only think about those wonderful moments on the beach, watching the sun rising from the sea. Those are great moments and for sure you have taken some photos. Not thinking about the holiday is not a solution. Instead, you can change your perspective on the situation.


Yes, the holiday is over and you have to go to work for a few months to save money for the next one. This might make you think that you are in a constant loop — and you are. But keep in mind that life is not made only of wonderful moments. Life is not made only of holidays, cocktails and parties.


One cannot enjoy those moments enough if he had not had bad moments too. Everyone feels blue sometimes. There are days when you do not feel like working. No matter if you work in an office or on the field. But it is important to accept these feelings, as they are part of our lives. And it is for these blue feelings that you expect and enjoy vacation so much.


3. Reconnect with Your Colleagues

Do not go to work and ruminate on your thoughts about how beautiful your vacation was. You need a little time to catch up with your colleagues and acknowledge the latest updates. Share with them your vacation experience. Show them the photos you took and the places you have visited.


Johanna Kenta, resume writer at dissertation uk and Assignment Man has some advice for anyone who is feeling blue when they return to work. “Reconnect with your colleagues. Find out which are the latest news and changes within the company. Share your vacation experience with them. Everyone needs a relaxing day at work, so why don’t you do this? Both you and your colleagues can relax a little and remember the great moments of your holiday.”


4. Take Care of Your Alimentation

After a nice vacation, your eating habits might have changed. During holidays and vacations, people usually do not adopt healthy eating habits. The portions from restaurants are bigger and you crave for those sparkling and tasty desserts.


Studies have shown that people usually gain one- or two-pounds during holidays and vacations. However, you must take care of your eating habits. Everyone has fun during the holiday and tries new things, but you have to change this upon your arrival.


You need energy for working, so eating only fast food might not help you at all. A healthy diet will prevent you from gaining more weight. Try returning to a balanced diet, full of vegetables and fruits.


5. Get Enough Sleep

Even if you feel more relaxed after the holiday, your body might feel tired. Whether you have partied until morning or just had a busy schedule every day, your body needs rest. Sleeping is important for yourself because it helps you fix your memories. It also increases productivity in the morning if you had enough sleep last night.


Having the environment changed so abruptly can overwhelm you. But a good night's sleep can make things better. Make sure your room is arranged perfectly for sleep. It has to be a bit chilly and dark. Do not use your phone or watch TV before going to bed, as you will have a harder time falling asleep. Instead, read a book, drink tea and enjoy the evening. Wear your most comfy pajamas and rest.


6. Find Engaging Activities

For sure you had some active days during the holiday. And you might have got used to more activities in your life. So why not find some engaging activities to do? You can organize board games nights with your colleagues. Or you can go to a movie. Or you can organize the next outing with your friends. Or the next ski trip.


There are a lot of activities to engage in that can take your mind away from feeling blue, anxious and depressed. Having activities to look forward to will make you feel happier, joyful and less hopeless.


7. Practice Self-Care

Some might feel guilty for their days off and start working a lot to recover the lost ones. For sure your email is full of tasks or your field colleagues need your help. But do not think that if you had some days off, you need to completely change your working style.


To take care of yourself and your mental health, it is important to keep a balance between work, personal life, and self-care. Take time to relax and spend it with yourself.


Spending time in nature can help you relax. A walk in the park with some friends to catch up will surely make you more at peace. Do not focus only on your work tasks and neglect yourself. This will only worsen the post-holiday blues.


Spend time with yourself and give yourself time to get reused to the new environment.



No matter if you work in an office or on the field, for sure you feel blue when returning from holiday. Do not focus on those feelings, but accept them. Find engaging activities to do with friends. A movie night, a board game night or just a walk in the park can surely help.


Get enough sleep and take care of your eating habits. Share your experiences with your colleagues and show them photos from your vacation.


And remember to not try to calm the storm. Calm yourself, the storm will pass.


Scott Mathews is a blogger and content writer at reviews and review. He loves reading, traveling and playing the piano. In his spare time, he loves helping students and sharing his knowledge so he offers the best paper writing service in town. He organizes workshops for custom coursework writing to help students polish their skills.


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