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Electricity and electrical devices are part of every modern workplace, but how electricity functions is often misunderstood. Our training reviews and demonstrates electrical safety measures needed to reduce the risks associated with electrical currents and devices.


With a step-by-step training video, workers learn how electricity works, what happens when the human body and electricity meet up, and what workers can do to make sure they are using electricity safely.


The program shows workers how electricity functions, how that knowledge can help them guide currents, how currents work in wiring and tools, and how malfunctioning equipment can be dangerous. The training video explains the exact risks electrical currents pose to the human body and how improper use can result in burns, paralysis of muscles or even death because of the human body's conductivity. The video informs workers about the resources which guard against electrical mishaps such as insulation, guarding, grounding, circuit protection devices, and the proper inspection and use of cords and plugs.


This program shows workers how electricity works and the ways in which safe work practices can help them feel confident all their electrical tasks run safely and efficiently. Start using our program now.


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