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In order to prevent a skill gap in your organization, it is important that you train a ‘younger generation’ of the work as quickly and as regularly as possible. One important training that you must give to your workforce is safety training. But like much other training, it can be boring and uninteresting to them even though they understand its usefulness. This is something that you have to deal with.


A number of safety professionals have shared some of the tips that they use for safety training. So, here are 8 tips on how to make safety training more fun and engaging in the workplace.


1. Let The Veterans Lead

Bringing in revered veterans in the field to work with the new and younger workers and give them the necessary safety training will bring excitement for the young workers. The younger works will be looking forward to hearing from the experienced ones. Allow your workers to shadow the older professionals. This will give them a wider understanding of the scope of the job and make them understand the impact of what they do. Getting first-hand experience from veterans will count for something and will benefit all parties involved.


2. Use Different Interesting Teaching Methods

Your organization is full of different people and there is likely to be some form of diversity. This goes the same way for learning techniques. Because you have different people in your organization, you will need to adopt a training model that teaches all. People learn differently, so, it is appropriate that you employ different methods for your safety training. Some of your staff will probably learn everything you are teaching from just listening. While others are visual learners, and some require hands-on activities.


When you combine different techniques, it is fun for all. Oral presentations accompanied by lectures and other activities make it memorable and enjoyable.


3. Make Use Of Humor

According to an article at custom essay, using humor in your safety training is an effective way to keep your workers alive for the message you're passing across to them. Starting your presentation with jokes can easily win over the audience and make them more attentive to your message. Using jokes in between the presentation helps the listeners learn better and it also goes a long way to aid their memory.


You should leverage on the power of humor while handling different topics in safety training. You can as well create a funny scenario to aid learning and retention in the participant.


4. Keep It Short

Instead of holding one long safety training session, it is more advisable that you dice the training up into smaller amounts. This is even more important if you have many materials to cover. It does have a lot of advantages over an extended one-time training session.


This way, the participant can retain what they learn and practice it.


You can also employ on-the-job training sessions by encouraging feedback, questions, and daily discussions. You do not have to wait till a scheduled date to train your workers.


5. Play Games

According to authors at best resume writing service, the point of playing games is for fun but you can also use games to teach your workers. This is practically one of the best ways to make your safety training more fun and enjoyable for your workers. Gaming helps to create an atmosphere full of fun, yet conducive for learning and memory retention.


It provides an opportunity to fill the knowledge gap of your employees and you also get immediate feedback. You can have your employees go through interactive quizzes, for instance, to boost their understanding of safety precautions and aid their retention.


6. Give Out Incentives

If you are making your safety training sessions humorous and playing games as well, then you might want to offer prizes to serve as incentives. Adding prizes makes it competitive as well as more fun. While articles from content writers at best writing service reiterate that competition brings the best in people. Incentives allow people to participate actively and not just be attendants of the program.


You will know the best incentives that work for your employees. Offering them up for grabs also makes them anticipate future training sessions as an avenue to learn, catch fun, and win. You can help pass across information effectively by offering an incentive for particular behaviors.


7. Do It Regularly

The best way to ensure that your safety training is effective is to ensure that your staff applies what they learn in their daily work. If they do not practice regularly, it would only take a short while before they forget and forgo all the training.


To help them with practicing, you can create a simulated event where they will need to put their knowledge to test. You can do this across different topics so that they have all-round knowledge. You should also ensure that the time between successive safety training is not too long.


8. Inspire People With Great Examples

For every field of life, there are examples of people that others can look up to for inspiration.


You can start your training sessions by inspiring your workers with stories like this. You could as well start with yourself as the “boss.” We all go through different times in our lives. There are times when you have had to study boring and technical materials because you understood its usefulness. Make them see safety training as important but give them assurances that it will not be the most boring time in their lives. Starting out with jokes here is perfect while outlining the fun activities for the day.



Safety training is an important training for your worker. It is important that your workers have the necessary knowledge and the best way to give them is in an enjoyable way.


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Rachel W

"Ving Understands What Safety Managers Need to Improve Training"

One of the biggest problems I've had with safety training platforms is making the training easily accessible on mobile job sites, making it easy to upload in-house training, and technical issues with outdated software. All of those problems have been solved by Ving. It's well-thought-out and easy-to-use.

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I love the QR code option. For example, you can print a QR code sticker that explains how to inspect fire extinguishers and post it next to the extinguisher so anyone doing monthly inspections isn't guessing based on training that was six months ago. They can review the training immediately.

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Safety training - VING makes safety training, compliance, and tracking easy. I have recently started using it for leadership and management training as well and love it!


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I like the flexibility and convenience of completing training for employees with different job responsibilities and schedules.

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It has helped to achieve a high percentage of training completion for our salary employees.

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