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A Seating Chart For Your Internal Communications Plan


Your employees are not looking to simply just work anymore, they want to learn and grow in their position. Your internal communications plan should teach them just that.

As I came across many #TBT (throwback Thursday) posts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram I was reminded of a Ving throwback moment. This moment was from January 30, 2014 — wow does time fly!

The moment I am referring to is a Tedx presentation that was given by our very own, Tony DeAscentis. If you are an entrepreneur, studying business, or even simply thinking about being an entrepreneur, you need to follow Tony on Twitter (@tdeascentis).

More important was the talk that Tony gave that day.

Where did you sit?

He took us way back to Jr. High School. Think for a moment, where did you sit at lunch? Were those your closest friends throughout school? I thought about it. The people I sat with at lunch became my friends. They were the ones I hung out with after class. They were the ones I planned my classes around. We were all in the same clubs. They shaped a large portion of my High School career.

Tony mentions this in relation to something called an Innovator’s Innovation IQ. Now all of these words mean something to me, but together I was slightly confused — listen on.

You may be thinking, “How does this relate to my internal communications plan?” This goes straight back to your company growth. Your internal communications plan should include employee growth and Tony gives us one skill that will do just that. This one skill will help your employees grow as individuals, benefiting them and your office.

Sit at the right table.

Now it isn’t that simple, but it is easy to see how the tables we choose to sit at define us. Reflect with me for a moment on your own life, while I walk you through mine.

The church pew I sat at as a child held one of my dearest and truest friends. It shaped my character. That seat defines me still to this day. That seat, though hard and uncomfortable, established some of my communication skills. This is where my network of connections started.

In High School I sat at a table of people who were musicians. I now can play a variety of instruments, it defines me. In college, I sat next to all the right people. I became an award winning, published journalist. I contributed to the publication of a book. To this day the table I picked defines me.

The tables you pick — in the lunch room, in a meeting, in the elevator — they define you.

Where do you sit?

Now you may only have one table in your meetings, but who do you sit by? Are your employees' friends with the people around their desk? Are your teams strengthening one another? Are they bringing out the best qualities that contribute to the growth, success and energy at your organization? Your employees are being defined by the table, they are sitting at. They are even broken up into departments — constantly defining them.

When you write out your internal communications plan include a “swap up” day.

Where will you sit?

Allow your employees the opportunity to grow their network, community, and communication skills. Changing up your office space will allow for growth in your employees and you will see a more effective internal communications plan. Your employees will begin to communicate and will begin to relate to more people throughout the office. By taking this step, this will add value to their skill set.

Changing and switching tables throughout life will encourage better communication and in turn teach your employees how to communicate with clarity and purpose. Once your team gains a better appreciation for one another and how to best communicate with each other you will see a decrease in miscommnication.

Many times messages are sent, lost, misunderstood, or misinterpreted. This results in wasted time, decreased productivity, and overall frustration. Again, by encouraging your employees to sit at a different table in the office or by picking a new seat during a meeting, will give them the opportunity to work on their communication skills and increase their network.

Make sure to check out Tony's Tedx Talk and include the importance of selecting your seat into your next internal communications plan.


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