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Bolster Engagement and Productivity with Real-Time Analytics




Are our employees adequately trained, and can they easily access information updates?

Is employee morale as high as it could be?

Are we keeping costs low, avoiding waste, and maintaining high levels of productivity?

Are our customers confident in our production output, and do they know that we are following the right procedures to get them the best product?

Historically, many of us in manufacturing have been relying on clipboards and manual processes to collect information. Essentially, we have employees on the shop floor walking around to figure out what is going on. As a result, we are faced with a number of challenges – from our employees not having access to real-time business intelligence to poor engagement levels among teams and with customers.

In our globally competitive marketplace, we cannot continue to do business as usual if we want to remain relevant. And with mounting liability expenses associated with keeping employees safe and well trained, and with increasing competitive pressures to keep costs low and productivity high, it is critical that employees understand where and how to access the most up-to-date information. This means that we need to be able to track and monitor who is properly trained and who is following processes correctly.

It’s time for us to transform manufacturing by adopting today’s digital technologies and capitalizing on real-time analytics to gain actionable business insights.  And with solutions like Ving, you can transform yourself into a Manufacturing Super Hero. Through Ving, you are provided with real-time analytics like quality alerts so that you can proactively reach out to those who have not engaged with critical materials; you can build consensus and drive collaboration through production spec information packets that you create and seamlessly share; and you are provided with insights on employee engagement so that you know who is up-to-date on employee training in order to eliminate on-the-job injury or confusion.


You can address your key manufacturing pain points, such as:

  • Ensuring training programs are effective, and monitoring and tracking who is accessing up-to-date information: Typically, training materials and information updates are stored in large binders on the shop floor, making it difficult for employees to quickly find the most current information. More often than not, they do not know where to look, do not take the time to read the materials, and do not understand everything. Ving alleviates these issues by making it easy to distribute information digitally and enabling you to track who has read what information.

  • Minimizing injuries: Ving allows for easy sharing of safety protocols through videos and other assets to ensure workplace injuries are kept to a minimum.

  • Maximizing productivity and maintaining QA standards: When employees do not have to spend time hunting down information, they are more productive, which also keeps QA levels high. With process and standards updates readily available to floor employees, they can improve their efficiency and product quality.

  • Building team morale: Few of us have in place a good line of communication with floor employees.  As a result, we really do not know if our employees are content or disgruntled from long hours, poor working conditions, or lack of communication. With Ving, you can open two-way communication with employees to ensure they get the right information right away, and get their feedback and questions so they feel heard.

  • Ensuring customers are confident in the plant’s production and output: Customers who visit manufacturing facilities are impressed when they see how information is shared through Ving, providing them added confidence that standards are being met, costs are kept low and productivity is high.

Transform your business and become a Manufacturing Super Hero. With Ving, you can make decision-making predicated upon data, analytics, and insights, and identify and resolve issues before they become problem.

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