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Don't Forget These in Your Employee Retention Strategies

Your employee retention strategies will be what sets your company apart from all the other business’.

You have created your own business. It is sure to attract willing team members — team members are your key to success. At first it may be a small team, but over time your team is sure to grow. You need to have some thoughts about your employees retention strategies for success..before you have a full team of employees.

On your first day, set a goal with your team. Having the same goals, the same motivation, the same missions — that is sure to keep the group together for years on end but then something happens that you didn’t expect... cliques.

Your team has grown and now when your employees are together you see the cliques forming. It is nothing you did, it happens. The thing that will set you apart is having employee retention strategies in place to make sure your office is ready to deal with the small cliques. We suggest becoming one big clique — a team that works together as one team succeeds as one team.

According to Larry Reynolds from Bloomberg, over the next five years employee turnover is supposed to increase from 20.6 percent to 23.4 percent. In 2018 the number of employees who will leave their companies will reach 192 million around the world. This comes from the Hay Group new release. Your employee retention strategies are crucial.

When you are around your employees and you see that some of them have begun to stray away from the main group, put your plan in action. Want to learn what should be a part of your successful employee retention strategies? Here are a few things that will be sure to turn the bystanders in your office into group leaders, it will be what turns your company into one big clique.

Show your Appreciation

A part of successful employee retention strategies is appreciation. You can either lose or keep an employee. We suggest you try to keep them! Everyone knows the age old psychological theory of Operant Conditioning by B.F Skinner states that “actions that are followed by desirable outcomes are more likely to be repeated while those followed by undesirable outcomes are less likely to be repeated.”

Studies have shown that happy employees are more likely to stay at a company. A higher retention will save your company thousands of dollars in the long run. You can show appreciation for your employees by taking them out to lunch. Lunch is an easy way to celebrate work well done.

Engage with Them

Not only does the first part make them feel important but if you include your employees on new ideas for the business it will also boost their confidence.This part of your employee retention strategy allows employees to feel like they’re part of the team. Some employees tend to get tired of the “same old song and dance” doing the same routine every day. Instead of doing that, put some creativity into brainstorming ideas to make the company better.

Not only are you making work more enjoyable for them, but you are increasing the chances of keeping them on your team.

Use Ving

Another tip for your employee retention strategy that will be sure to keep your employees engaged for future events or just to show your appreciation, sending them a message using a creative and out of this world communication tool call Ving. Not only can you send them quick emails about meetings, but you can send them reminders from your house in the form of a voice recording, or a video while you’re sitting in your pajamas drinking your favorite coffee.

With these three Employee Retention Strategies, you and your team will surely be unstoppable despite obstacles in communication or recognition mishaps. To learn more Employee Retention Strategies, check out and sign up!



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