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Fun Training Materials That Will Guarantee Employee Engagement


When you think of training materials, I’m sure you’re picturing books, an instructor, some computer software, or maybe some on-the-job equipment, right? We’re here to tell you that you can have fun and get creative with employee training. The most effective training happens when employees are engaged, and what better way to engage employees than to have fun?


Get ready for a few crazy training ideas that will definitely get employees’ attention:


Arts & Crafts

Not everyone is an artist, but that’s half the fun of training with employee-created materials. Assign certain training points to different employees and challenge them to come up with some sort of visual aid for it. The results can be amusing and educational for everyone, and they can be kept around the workplace to serve as on-the-job reminders.



There are so many fun ideas for when you have pets brought into the office. Make them a part of the training by dressing them up and using them in role playing scenarios. Employees will have fun working with the animals and they will learn the material through silly, memorable experiences. Meeting standards and learning serious information doesn’t have to be a chore. You can create a video of the role playing for anyone who missed the training session or for a fun email blast to the employees who participated.



Any space that you have available can be used for a small amount of exercise during training sessions. Employees can stand up in response to questions as a group or walk to one side of the room to represent different answers to a question. This bit of exercise helps stimulate the learning and can help to wake up sleepy employees. Use the physical representations in the room to help reinforce your points. You can also try going for a brief walk outside for part of the training—get those employees up and moving!



Try out any or all of these fun training materials and notice the difference in the training session! Everyone will have fun, and you might even encourage a little bit of team building from them at the same time as the training. It can be tough to find a good balance between work and fun, but the best kind of work is certainly enjoyed.


Fun Activities For Office Engagement Infographic Free Download

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