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Have You Trained Your Workers On Electrocution Hazards Lately?

Have You Trained Your Workers On Electrocution Hazards Lately?


This training is the first in a two part series covering the major types of electrocution hazards you may encounter in a construction environment and how you can avoid them.

Some of the many dangers include power lines and GFCI’s, but other, more mundane, hazards may include power tools and cords. The threat of electrocution at a construction site can be a very real and dangerous thing. Electrocution can cause serious injuries, and in some cases, even death. This is why it is it critical to not only know the dangers you may be facing, but also how to avoid them.


In addition to the potential sources of electrocution, there are a number of other electrical dangers you may encounter while on the job. For example, faulty wiring can quickly lead to an electrical fire, and explosions can occur if electricity comes into contact with even something as common as dust. Arc flashes, or sudden electrical discharges, are the most dangerous example, and can be highly fatal.


Being safe while on the job is important, regardless of the type of work you do. But you need to know how to be safe, and with this comes needing to know the risks you may face. Understand these dangers through the material presented here and learn how to avoid electrical hazards at your job site.


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