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How Online Training Can Benefit Companies In Any Industry


Business corporations—from small startups to worldwide conglomerates—are increasingly abandoning the traditional on-site training as well as classroom learning programs for their staff members and adopting the more efficient online training programs. This new trend has been proven to be more cost-effective than not only the on-site training models but also the Instruction-Led model of Learning and Development (L&D) models.


Time-saving is also a key reason why many organizations are opting to adopt eLearning as their primary training program. Its ultimate advantage, however, is its ability to produce optimal, unprecedented results, consequently leading to increased productivity and higher revenue.


No one can downplay the importance of efficiency in business. It saves time and energy, allowing you to focus on other revenue or lead-generating activities. Even though you will need an upfront investment to fully implement the eLearning model in your business, you will later realize that it was worth every penny. For starters, online corporate training doesn’t need as big a training budget as face-to-face training demands. You will achieve more for less, which is basically the dream of every business owner or manager.


In this post, we focus on the top 5 benefits that your company stands to gain should it implement to adopt eLearning as its primary workplace training platform.


1. It isn’t as tedious as the old school learning models.

No one really loves to sit in a classroom for a whole day listening to instructors’ long and mostly boring lectures, including both new hires and current employees. That is why customized eLearning solutions are gaining popularity in not only the business world but also amongst nonprofits and religious organizations. It will enable you to proactively and efficiently train your employees and equip them with invaluable, specialized knowledge without getting them bored.


And because modern safety training isn’t as tedious as the old school training methods, it makes it easier for your employees to gain the intended expertise faster so that they can consistently perform at their best. Most importantly, online training strategies make it easier for you to gauge your staff’s level of knowledge and productivity.


2. Reduced training costs.

Reduced training costs can be especially beneficial for entrepreneurs who are starting a business and may not have a large budget for employee training. If you have used outdated classroom training before, then you probably understand how costly it is to source for trainers and organize for different classes for different groups. That’s not all: Sometimes you are forced to source trainers from abroad, which means more expenses in regards to their accommodation, food, and travel expenses. And if you have multiple offices that are based in different locations, then you have to budget for employees’ travel and accommodation expenses if they are all to be trained in one location.


The good news is that eLearning doesn’t require any travel or accommodation costs as everything is done online. Employees based in multiple locations do not have to travel in order to take their intended course because eLearning courses can be taken from anywhere and at any time. In this context, most companies, mainly big companies, and corporates have started using microlearning as a means for training their staff.


Microlearning simply means a type of training which provided specific information which is aimed at helping the learner gain certain objective. With microlearning, learners can grasp information in many forms, such as from text to full-blown media, which in essence should be short. Some examples of microlearning include simple text (short paragraphs). Images (infographics), informative short videos, audio (short podcasts), etc. many businesses are preferring this approach of learning due to its convenient benefits which are: speed of information delivery, affordability, flexibility, convenience, they are interactive and engaging, freedom, etc.


Ultimately, eLearning allows you to engage a professional translation company online and seamlessly share the translated content with your international employees without having to break the bank.


3. It is flexible.

As we mentioned above, eLearning courses can be taken from anywhere and at any time: There aren’t any boundaries here. All you need is to provide your employees with an internet connection and the necessary browsing devices and they will be on their way. This makes the courses flexible for you, your staff, and the facilitators.


4. Yields better results.

Businesses that have adopted eLearning strategies have reported consistent results in terms of productivity and employee performance. One key contributor to this is the flexibility that comes with eLearning. The fact that employees are able to access learning material from wherever they are implies that the learning process is continuous and consistent. An individual employee keeps refreshing his knowledge over and over at his own pace.


As we mentioned earlier, in-person training seminars are tedious and boring, so many employees attend them not because they want but as an obligation. That alone causes a dip in attitude, which reflects negatively on the overall employee performance.


5. Leads to higher employee retention.

“If you want to attract young and talented employees, then you definitely need to convince them that your company is technologically advanced and fun to work in,” says experts at Animas Centre for Coaching. Among the most important tech advancements that these talents want to see is a sustainable eLearning training program; a fun and engaging training environment. And this is very understandable, really: Online courses help employees learn faster and grow professionally, which is the dream of every young professional.


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