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How To Engage Your Disengaged Workers With Ving

how to engage your workers with ving - october 2018

Creating a safety culture does not happen overnight. The goal is to get everyone on your team excited and happy about safety. First we need to diagnose who your disengaged workers are. Here are the simple steps to follow to help you do just that.


1. Open 4 - 8 of your most recent Vings.

2. Export the data to each of those Vings.

3. Sort by the Viewed column.

4. Paste the names of the not viewed workers onto another tab, sheet, or document.


Your workers who are completely disengaged will appear as not viewed on multiple Vings. Now that we have figured out who is disengaged her are some ideas for how to engage them.


1. Include a personal video or audio message from upper management.

Your employees will enjoy seeing a familiar face or voice more than you realize. Also the personalized video will remind your employees that you care about them more than your bottom line.


2. Include an invitation message.

When sharing Ving invitation via email or text include a short message to let your employees know that it is important to complete the training and give them a deadline.


3. Add an avatar and logo.

This may seem so basic but we promise if your Ving account is set up with an avatar and logo your employees are more likely to open the Vings you share with them. Again, this is because they will see a familiar face and branding that they are used to.


4. Try an employee incentive.

Incentives with safety can be tricky. You never want to give someone an incentive for having no injuries. That kind of incentive will lead to unreported injuries. We also caution productivity incentives as well. Again, it can lead to more injuries in order to get more products produced. Instead, try an incentive for completing your safety training.


These are just a few tips for ways to engage your workers and get them to complete more training. If you have any tips that work for your company we want to hear about it! Tweet us at @vingapp and tag it #VingSuccess. Our team LOVES hearing from our customers.


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