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How To Excel At Safety With No Safety Experience

safety for someone with no experience - jan 2019

Small businesses sometimes have it rough. All the best tools are really expensive and on top of that you are wearing multiple hats and have no time to even utilize all the amazing tools that are out there. It is no surprise that when it comes to things like safety the responsibility gets put on someone as a... side project. 


No one wants their employees to get injured. No one would tell you, "safety is a  side thought. It isn't really important to me." However that is the reality of it. It gets pushed aside and lost in the flow. Not any more! Your small business can put safety first and without a full time safety director on staff. 


Today we are going to walk you through how to excel at safety with no safety experience.


What You Need In The Program

You need a tool that can allow you to share training easily. You do not have a lot of time on your plate. If the safety program you select is complicated or has an abundance of upfront work you will not be able to keep up. Look for a program that has a good onboarding program. This will help you kick off your use and get organized. So things to keep in mind when you're searching for a program that will allow you to excel with little effort or training. 

  • An easy way to share training content. 
  • A good onboarding process to make getting started super simple. 


Pre-Approved Content

So you are not a professional in safety. You don't know all the OSHA regulations but you have been working in your field for awhile so you are not a newbie. Make sure when you pick a program that it has pre-approved safety content. This is the best way to ensure that you are creating an effective safety training program. Besides just having content you need a designated success manager. 


Customer Success Manager

For years and years we have been accustomed to customer support. This is the group of people you reach out to when things go wrong. What about a group of people who you can reach out to before things go wrong? That is why many companies — Ving included — have a team of customer success managers. When you are a small business this person is going to be your lifeline. They can help you evaluate your training, figure out best practices, and at Ving we can even step in and share your training for you if you are in a pinch. 


So there you have it. When picking your next safety program think about the tool, onboarding, pre-built content, and a customer success manager. With these aspects available to you you can excel without having any safety experience.


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