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How To Identify The Blockbuster In Your Sales Pipeline

It is common that the sequel is not as great as the first movie. Take a look at the Matrix sequel or all these new reboots of 90’s TV shows on Netflix. Sure the sequels we watch are loved but sometimes if you edit or try remaking a classic — it can get worse. The Vings in your sales pipeline may be the blockbuster and you just don’t know it. Make sure to identify your top performing Vings, who they are for, and how to share them.

Identify The Vings

Take a look at the Vings you have created in your account. It is important to identify what the goals are for each of those. Do you want a lot of views? Do you need people to complete a certain portion or all of the components? Once you have identified the Vings in your account that are meeting the goals you imagined, it is time to place them in your pipeline.

Who Are They For

Identifying who your Vings are for will help you move them through your pipeline. Here is a sneak peek into our sales pipeline and what kind of communications we make with people when they are in each bucket.

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Once you have identified your best Vings and to which part of the funnel they belong, you are ready to save them as templates.

Share The Best

Okay now that you have identified your best Vings it is time to save them as templates and share them with your sales team. Here are the quick steps to follow to save and share a template.

  1. Log into your Ving account.
  2. Find and click on the Ving you want to save.
  3. Click the blue Recreate button and then click Save Template.
  4. Save your template to your Google Drive so you know where to find it.
  5. Navigate to your Google Drive and share the file with your sales team like you would any other file in drive.

Once a file has been shared with your team all you have to do to use that Ving is login and click the drop down arrow next to new Ving and then select the template that you shared with them. It is just that easy!

Now that your team has all your best Vings you can sit back and watch your sales teams meet their sales goals. Your sales pipeline will be overflowing with contacts now.


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