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How Easy Is It To Implement Ving Microburst Safety Training


Your employees will retain information longer if they learn it in short bursts. This is a fact. However, sending daily training can seem complicated and time-consuming. We make it easy and easy is a no brainer.


So before you go into a meeting make sure you know how easy it is to implement Ving into your safety program. You can even check out the basics about the Ving safety program here


Step One: Set Up

First, you have to set up your account with an avatar, logo, and contacts. Work with your team to find the best person to get this done quickly. You probably already have someone at your company who is excellent with contacts. They more than likely are in payroll or human resources. Offsetting these tasks to the right person is critical. Eventually, you might learn the system to pull a current employee list but for getting started — stick to what you know.


Step Two: Create

This is probably the easiest of all the steps. We made creation a no brainer. Just locate the training, and you're good to go! All of the Ving training is created for you.


Step Three: Share

From here you are going to share with all those contacts you uploaded. We suggest sharing in the morning. There is no better way to ease into your day than with 5 minutes of safety. This will put your employees in the right mindset and allow them to ease into the day.


It is just that easy. You are ready to get started today!


5 Easy Steps To Getting Started With The Ving Safety Program



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