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Put Hours Back In Your Day — Stop Searching For Safety Training

put hours back into your day - feb 2019

We have heard it time and time again that you are sick of searching. You do not want to have to think about what training topic to send next — we get it. I personally am not a safety trainer but I can only imagine it feels sorta like meal planning. Okay hear me out. Every Sunday I sit down and figure out what we want to cook. Then I figure out what we need to make those meals. Sounding familiar yet?


When you sit down to plan your training you probably do the same thing! You probably use the OSHA website, Google, and any other material you have to try to figure out what training is best to do this month. And then you start gathering all the materials you need to have a successful training. Gone are the days of searching for safety handouts and training.


The Ving safety training platform is everything you would expect it to be. You are able to create, share, and review safety training that is delivered from our system. We like to think we are way cooler than other training platforms because we divide up your content into microbursts so your employees retain more but that is not the point of this blog. The real thing that sets us apart is our Ving Success team.


What is the Ving Success Team?

Okay so you have heard of customer support right? Customer success is basically a support person but WAY COOLER! Every customer is assigned a Ving Success Manager and that person is with you for the entire life of your account. That means that they get to understand your company, your needs, your goals, and more. Having one person working alongside you the entire way will help you make the most of the platform and will assist you in reaching all your goals!


What does this have to do with searching for topics?

Your Ving Success Manager will provide you with a calendar. This calendar is customized to your company all while taking into account safety holidays, OSHA research, time of year, and best practices. We want to take all the thinking out of the process so you can spend more time getting to know your employees and listening to their feedback and needs.


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