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How To Improve Sales in Time for the Holidays

The holiday season is right around the corner, stay joyful and focus on how to improve sales in your business.

One thing that comes to mind about the holiday season — that is vastly approaching — shopping! Myself, and I’m sure many others, like to get all of the shopping done before the busy holiday rush at the local mall. If there are any last minute gifts I need to buy (when aren’t there), I buy them online to avoid the busy traffic.

Online shopping has become a huge success, there are currently 191.1 million online shoppers. If you’re a small business owner or a large company selling products, odds are your products are available over the internet. With the holiday’s less than two months away, what steps do you take on how to improve your sales online?

Follow these steps on how to improve your sales over the upcoming holiday season.

Have a featured headline.

When consumers first land on your website, the headline is the first thing they see. Your headline plays a huge role on your sales, so you want to be sure it grabs the attention of your target audience.

For your headline to be successful, it should address an issue that is foremost on the minds of your target audience. Point out the benefits of your product or service that can help in solving their problems. Here’s an example of a department store that usually has a high charge for shipping:

FREE SHIPPING on orders of $40 or more, enter the code HOLIDAY15”

Not only does the headline feature the common problem (free shipping) but it also solves the problem with offering the free shopping with an order of $40 or more — encouraging your buyers to have a minimum purchase of at least $40.

Add Images.

Having an image has several positive effects for your products. It not only makes the product more desirable, but it also makes your product seem more tangible, which is a powerful tool when learning how to improve your sales. To make use of the images of your products to improve your sales, a little testing is required, only to see what your target audience responds to the most.

In a short time, two weeks to a month, place a handful of images of your product near the top of your page, for the rest of your products, place the image near the “add to cart” button. When your testing period is over, see which image location got the highest response, whichever had the best results is where you will place all of your product images to keep the sales rolling.

Grab the consumer’s attention.

Just like “window shoppers” at a retail store, online shopping has “surfers.” The question you may be asking yourself is “How to improve sales through my online website?” The answer is simple— design your website to grab the consumer’s attention.

Few consumers who visit your website will read your sales copy from top to bottom, but majority of consumers will scan through the page and only read what catches their attention. By highlighting your main benefits you will grab the consumer’s attention and in turn, produce a sale.

Here are a few more helpful tips to grab the attention of your consumers:

  • Use bold or italics to really help the keywords stand out.
  • Use shorter paragraphs, it will increase the chance of your consumer capturing all of your selling points.
  • Add subheadings, put an emphasis of key messages about your product/service.
  • When listing, use bullets to emphasize important points of your product.

You will no longer be asking how to improve sales, your sales will be improving with the simple steps listed above. Just sit back and let the reindeers do the driving from here on it and enjoy all the holiday memories that are to come.

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