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2/14/17 6:00 AM Rebecca Whittenberger

Technology can assist in managing a virtual sales team. Videos combined with documents and surveys are very effective in reaching your goalsMore and more sales people are working out of their homes. From field-based salespeople to representatives of multilevel marketing companies, virtual sales teams continue to grow.


With sales forces spread across the country in remote locations, it can be tough to make sure everyone is on the same page.

As a manager, you can try to catch your staff between sales calls, but how much can you tell from that quick interaction? You are often left guessing if they really understand critical sales skills, important sales messaging, and new marketing promotions.

Email is another tool that we use to connect with people, but we often wonder if they received or read our messages. With the hundreds of emails that we receive each day, it is hard to process important information. What’s a sales manager to do?


Using cutting-edge management technology

Kathy Cottrill, Sales Director for Mary Kay Cosmetics, uses Ving, an engaging trackable tool, to motivate, educate, and inspire her sales people. 

Email is a challenging medium for communication. It is efficient, but it does not have the same emotional impact as face-to-face communication.

Email also does not naturally provide the opportunity for give-and-take in the conversation. This lack of feedback can result in misunderstandings you can’t afford to have when you’re managing a remote sales team.


Overcoming the problems with communication

Trackable packets enable you to overcome this issue and many other problems inherent in email. Make sure to log in and use Ving and meet your sales goals today!


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Original blog post was written on April 10, 2012 by Brad Grant and updated by Karen Gerberry for accuracy and freshness.