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How To Manage Construction Sites With Technology During The Pandemic

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The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way business leaders and head project managers approach construction site management. If nothing else, the need to keep all employers and workers safe at all times and minimize the risk of infection has led to the quicker adoption of innovative tools and technology. Technological advancements, when implemented properly, have the ability to automate various processes and improve communication, but also to create a safer, more stable work environment for all.


Not to mention the fact that certain digital tools allow you to manage your subcontractors on site and supply chain more efficiently, leading to higher productivity and output for the entire organization. Let’s put all of this into perspective and dive into the top tips for using technology to better manage your construction site during the COVID-19 pandemic. Here’s what you need to do.





Automate progress reporting

To make your construction site run like a well-oiled machine, you have to optimize and oversee numerous processes. Most importantly, you need to have a skilled and experienced operations team that will monitor progress, manage your supply chain, optimize workflow, and ensure constant productivity and output on a daily basis. This is a complex task, one that you should try to automate as much as possible in order to boost efficiency across the board.


Automation is one of the key driving forces behind long-term success for construction companies and construction sites in general, and you should start by automating the reporting process. Quick and detailed, that means daily, reporting is essential for ensuring high productivity and that every deadline is met. 


That said, to create comprehensive reports you need a dedicated team to collect and collate vast amounts of data. Now imagine if a computer algorithm can do all of this for you. Using industry-specific reporting software, you can organize vast amounts of data into actionable reports to better manage your inventory and supply chain, make accurate forecasts, sense demand and material shortages, and of course, minimize workplace hazards and the risks of COVID-19 infections. 


Minimize Risk With Digital Training

Continuous training and education are essential for keeping employees engaged and up to the task, but also for minimizing the risk of injury and making sure that the pandemic is kept at bay. Of course, you can’t hope to continue your educational processes amidst a global pandemic, and so you need to do this remotely. For example, delivering workplace safety training often and regularly is essential, but you need to do it in the online world so as to minimize the risk of contagion.


You can leverage numerous online training and education platforms that are industry-specific, and you can even bring in external consultants to conduct live but digitized training courses to your workers. Your staff can follow these courses remotely or at home, gaining all the knowledge and information they need to stay safe without exposing themselves or their colleagues to any additional risk.


Integrate VoIP To Streamline Communications

One of the most important elements of a well-functioning construction site is timely and accurate communication. In fact, prompt communication can literally save lives on the construction site, so it’s important to integrate communication technology like VoIP that allows all employees and members of your organization to communicate seamlessly in real time.


There are many VoIP providers and plans out there, so when you’re searching for the best VoIP service provider  you need to look for the communication perks and features that will accommodate your specific needs. For example, managing a construction site remotely and on-site requires crystal-clear audio quality with noise cancelation, mobile optimization for workers on the go, low-cost calls, as well as integration with various other communication tools that you might be using on site.


Implement An Automated Payroll System

Payroll and financial management in general are two processes that can be automated to a great extent. There is no reason to conduct these processes manually anymore, as they are time-consuming, prone to human error, and require substantial financial investments in the first place. 


By automating payroll with a comprehensive payroll management system, you can manage your account payables and receivables easily, boost your employee’s financial wellness in many ways, and minimize the risk of human error while making sure that money is coming into your organization when it’s supposed to. This creates a more robust financial environment that ensures project security and that everything keeps moving along seamlessly.


Ensure Site Security With Remote Monitoring 

It should go without saying that having on-site security is still important, but technology is slowly phasing out this need. Nowadays, you can use remote monitoring tools like security cameras and systems, emergency-response tools, as well as IoT sensors and devices to retain full control and oversight of your construction site and keep your employees safe at all times.


You can also use these tech solutions to retain full control of your site during off hours, so that you’re always aware of anything that might be going on during the night. These security systems come in a variety of forms, and many modern solutions allow you to monitor your site via any digital tool, like a smartphone, a laptop, your PC, and even your TV set. With their built-in alarm systems, these tools can notify the authorities and your phone of any unlawful entry and give you a live feed to the place where the alarm was triggered.


Wrapping up

Technology is allowing us to make our construction sites safer and more productive. Using these tech tools and solutions, you can elevate the efficiency of project while ensuring the safety of your workers and other assets.



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