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How To Reap The Benefits Of Microburst Settings In Ving


Do you ever start using a new tool and leave all the default settings because you are just not sure how it works? Yea, we have done that too. Today I am going to walk you through everything you need to know about microburst settings in ving so you can get the most out of your training.


The Basics

The way that microburst settings work is to set the minutes you want someone to do in a day (5 minutes) and then how often you want them to be reminded (daily).


Selecting these settings will allow your employees to retain more information for longer.


The Minutes

The first portion of the settings is in regards to the minutes' someone should spend on a content topic. If you want your employees to do training less often you should increase the number of minutes.


Daily Training = 5 Minutes

Weekly Training = 10 Minutes

Bi-Weekly Training = 15 Minutes

Monthly Training = 30 Minutes


The Days

This section is in regards to the reminders. A reminder will be sent to your employees at the interval you set. The reminder text is preset and can not be updated. If you want your employees to get through the training faster, you should decrease the interval set.


Finish In A Week = 1 day

Finish In 2 Weeks = 2 days

Finish in 4 Weeks = 5 days


When Will The Reminders Send

The reminders are based on the last invite sent or the last view date. So if you send a ving to someone around 10 am, and they do not view it they will get the reminder around 10 am at the day interval set. If you send it at 10 am and they view it at 1 pm, they will then get reminders around 1 pm at the day interval set.


Can They Stop Them

Your employees will get a reminder until they have completed the ving or until they turn off the reminder by clicking the bottom of the invitation.


So there you have it! Now go, set your microburst settings, and enjoy the benefits of microlearning and reminders.




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