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Is It Even Worth It To Add An Avatar And Logo?


I get it... you hate selfies... you don't like having your picture taken. There are always a few people who hate having their picture taken; however no matter your dislike your employees will love seeing your face.


We have found time and time again that merely adding your avatar and logo can encourage employees to not only trust the invitation but also encourage them to open and consume your Ving. The occurs for a few reasons.


Why You Need An Avatar And Logo

1. Builds Trust

Having an avatar and logo will build trust that your employees did not receive something they shouldn't open. It is sad, but there is a lot of hackers online, so it is okay if your employees are slightly cautious. Help alleviate any worry by adding your avatar and logo.


2. Establish Importance

We subconsciously flip into a more serious mode when we see our companies logo. Most people do it, so naturally, they don't even know they are doing it. You can take advantage of this tendency by including your company logo and establishing the importance of your material.


How To Add An Avatar & Logo

Okay, so you are convinced. Navigate to your profile area. Upload your avatar first. Make sure you have a picture of you that is well lit, inviting, and professional. Don't get us wrong — professional doesn't mean not fun. Here are a few examples of great avatars.


Okay now navigate to the customize area to upload your logo. You want to make sure that you have plenty of white space around your logo so that you do not cut off any of your logo. If you need help adding white space, please email They can walk you through it or do it for you — yup we are that cool.




Okay, we get it! We have a fantastic option for you. Bitmoji. Our team loves to use Bitmoji to communicate, and they can make the perfect avatar for your profile area. Just download the chrome extension in your browser, create your Bitmoji, open your Gmail, go to send someone you Bitmoji, and then save it as a picture. If you do not have Gmail, you can download Bitmoji on any smart device. Again, if you need help with this email and they will be happy to walk you through this process.


Here are some of our favorite Bitmoji avatars, we hope they inspire you!



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