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Aug 16, 2018 1:35:40 PM Gabriel King

You’re probably thinking, “Awesome! I want to be a great leader! ” But how are you going to do this? Let us take the initiative, together, and learn how to strengthen the skills and abilities that you might already have! Strengthening these skills will improve your safety engagement. 


You might be surprised to learn how adjusting your leadership skills can improve your company in a variety of ways.


Here are a few things you will take away from this infographic.

1. Leadership isn’t about being in charge.

2. Try different approaches.

3. There is always an opportunity to grow as a leader.


Still not convinced? Did you know that employees are more likely to engage in their safety training if leadership is involved? They want to see that the people signing their paychecks actually care about them.  


Old school leadership might talk about being strong and in charge but truly your employees want to see you on their level. They want to see that you understand where they are. You might get on their level by adding a short video to your training or visiting them on the job site. 

Download 7 Attributes of a Great Safety Leader