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CHECKLIST: The Go-To Employee Incentive Planning Checklist


Incentive programs can get a little complicated and you definitely don't want being stuck to keep you from the best program you can have. You're going to want to make sure you cover the basics and then expand later.


Check back on the progress of your program and reference this checklist to make sure you're not missing anything that's crucial to the success of your new program taking off.


In this checklist you will learn:

  • To make sure you're checking updates to your program.

  • How to see if you're program is working.

  • That building a strong foundation is key to success.


An incentive program can be a great way to get people engaged in their safety training. You want to be careful exactly how you reward safety training. For example, it can be destructive to your safety culture to reward the first person who finishes their safety training and no one else. Some of your employees will not do their training knowing that they won't be first. 


Instead offer an incentive at random for anyone who finished all of their training last month. This will encourage your employees to finish all of their training while getting them excited about maybe winning and receiving some sort of incentive. 


The incentive does not need to be a massive reward either. Try something small like a few $5 coffee cards or a free lunch. You will be surprised how far a small reward will go. A few other ideas for incentives might be a few additional PTO hours or a vacation day. 


You want to pick an incentive that fits your employees. Some environments might lend really well to a gift card while others might not care about a gift card at all. If you don't know what your employees might like make sure to survey them and ask for their feedback. You might be surprised to learn that your employees like something you would have never thought about.

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