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Serve Up a Plate of a Good Customer Relationship


customer relationship"Your customer doesn’t care how much you know until they know how much you care” is a good practice for a positive customer relationship.

A positive customer relationship steps from good customer service. If your client is happy and satisfied with how you helped or treated them about your product or service. Not only will you maintain a long-lasting customer relationship with them, but also help your business grow.

I heard the saying above when I was on the front lines of managing customer relationships. I was employed as a server in a well know, high-end restaurant chain. Over the years, I developed a great customer relationship with a couple that would come in weekly. Each week I would talk to them about how their week went, remembered every detail about their order, and more importantly earned something unique and special about both of them. Doing these simple things made them feel valued and kept them coming back for more.

The same concept applies in any career whether you’re employed at a local convenience store or you’re part of a Fortune 500 team. Maintaining a good customer relationship will keep your business going strong and ensure its continued growth.

Below are 3 tips on how to your customer relationships with clients:


Learn about your customer— learn their name, needs, what they want, and even their favorite hobby. You’re probably thinking, ”how do I do that?”— the answer is to strike up a conversation with them, find a common ground you both share whether it be between your job roles or industries.

Over the years of working at the restaurant I learned many things from the couple I waited on weekly. Things they taught me were little things, like their wedding anniversary, but remembering their important day together was what made them feel valued.


Build trust with your customers. A customer's trust and commitment is built just as how you would build a personal relationship. Commitment is the key ingredient for a successful long-term customer relationship. Show compassion when having a conversation with the customer, be honest, and remain a credible source.

By building the relationship I had with the elderly couple, they trusted me. They trusted me to take care of them and knowing that they would receive excellent service, which kept them coming back for more.

Stay connected

It’s important to stay in regular contact with your customers. Every time you are in contact is a way to build that relationship, it is a way to track their thought about your company. Stay connected with your customers by following up with them after a meeting by phone, email, and even social media. Send them friendly reminders or thank you letters for purchasing an item through you, and lastly send them monthly newsletters about the company about new changes or new sales that are happening.

It was easy to stay connected to the couple that would come in was asking how an event they had turned out or how they did at the casino in the past week. Remembering the “little details” they mentioned in the previous week was a simple way to stay connected with them.

Seeing the customer relationship grow with the steps listed above will not only benefit your company but will also benefit you. It will improve the company’s customer service and in turn, the customer will put out a good word to his or her friends and will cause a greater increase to your business. Keep up the great work!

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