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The Supreme Internal Communication Strategy


Finding the perfect internal communication strategy can be difficult. Here is a list that will help YOU mold the perfect plan for your office.

Today is the big day. The day we all have been waiting for. Everyone gather round, turn on your radios, your televisions, grab your notepads, recorders, and laptops. Today is the day your CEO will address your office with this years internal communication strategy.

Now wait… that doesn’t seem right.

Today is actually one day closer to the 2015 State of the Union. It is required that the President address the Congress on matters of the union — typically an annual event. January 20th is this years big day. And though this type of format may work for our government, it won’t fly as a successful internal communication strategy for your business

You need to stay connected with your team as a whole on a regular basis, this may be weekly, monthly or even quarterly. It is important to check in and keep up to date, as well as make sure that everyone is on the same page. It is easy to misinterpret instructions through just memos, emails or newsletters. Many hours may be spent doing the wrong thing if you are not checking in with your employees.

It takes more than one voice

For big organizations and small start ups alike, it takes many people to succeed. Try letting others speak for a portion of your update meetings. Allowing employees to share what they are working on will not only give them validation for their work and accomplishments but will allow other team members the chance to appreciate the work they have done.

This is great time for collaboration as well. If someone on your team is struggling, allow them to share what they are working on for feedback and suggestions. Someone outside their normal department may have an idea that will help your stumped employees overcome a creative hurdle. In short, sharing successes as well as challenges are equally beneficial in a team meeting.

The seal of approval

Monthly meetings allow for a moment of public recognition. Give your seal of approval on 3 projects that really caught your attention this past month. This will cause employees to work harder as they strive to be the top 3.

The eagle has landed

Our mission was to find an internal communication strategy that works for YOU. The perfect plan may look different for every business. So, here they are! We racked our brains and pulled together a list of 10 internal communication strategy blogs that will help you succeed!

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We have a few good ones ourselves! Here are three of our own blogs, as well as a checklist to help you build the perfect internal communication strategy.

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With a great strategy for communication your office will know exactly what they need to be getting done. And if you remember only one thing, what works for one office, even the oval office, may not work for your team-challenge yourself to find what works best!

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