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Thanksgiving Safety Tips Your Employees Didn’t Know They Needed


If you ask my dad what his favorite holiday is, he’ll tell you without any hesitation that it’s Thanksgiving. It’s a day to spend time with your loved ones and reflect on all of the things that you’re thankful for, and it’s also a day to eat to your heart’s content. Thanksgiving is the day when your dining room table is so covered with food that there’s hardly room to set down your plate.


As with any holiday, Thanksgiving comes with its own set of safety hazards. Nobody wants to be thinking about Thanksgiving Safety during the holidays, but the reality is that safety has a place everywhere during every day of our lives. It’s important for your employees to stay safe at home, so share these Thanksgiving safety tips with your employees today.


Kitchen Safety

The most obvious holiday safety solutions that might come to mind have to do with food. Thanksgiving is the one day of the year that everyone associates with tons and tons of food. With all of that food comes countless hours spent in the kitchen, and there are so many hazards involved in the kitchen.


Whether it’s a turkey in the oven, potatoes on the stovetop, or some microwaved leftovers, you should always be aware of fire hazards. Thanksgiving is the number one day of the year for kitchen fires in the U.S. Never leave any cooking food unattended, but also make sure any hot food is supervised if there are pets or children in the house—you never know when someone could knock over a steaming hot plate of Thanksgiving dinner and cause burns.


You may be thinking, I cook food every day; no burns or fires ever occur, but Thanksgiving can be a hectic day with more food and more people than you’re used to having in the house all at once. Keep your family and house safe by keeping an extra close eye on what’s happening in the kitchen.



Most holiday dinner hosts put out at least a few decorations to make things festive. They put everyone in the holiday mood and they make your house look great for those annual dinner guests. Just make sure you’re decorating your home safely and responsibly so no one gets hurt.


Candles look pretty and can make your house smell great, but obviously there’s a huge fire hazard there when you’ve got such a bustling household. Stick to decorative lights or unlit candles, and save the candle lighting for a small intimate dinner another time.


Keep the rest of the decorations out of the kitchen and away from the food, or a million things could go wrong. The last thing you need during the holiday meal is for someone to choke on small parts that fell into the food or for those autumnal garlands to catch on fire when you take the turkey out. Holiday decor should enhance your home without getting in the way.


Why You Need Thanksgiving Safety

Holidays are painted as peaceful, heartwarming gatherings where families and friends bond and appreciate one another. In reality, they can be the most stressful days of the year. You have a lot to do to prepare (and to clean up afterward), but while family is gathered you want to be able to enjoy your time together. You shouldn’t have to worry about everything that can go wrong in your home, and you especially don’t want any surprise injuries popping up.


By understanding the hazards in your home and taking precautions ahead of time, you can spend your evening relaxing and being thankful for everything that you have. Thanksgiving safety may sound a little cheesy, but it’s something that you need in order to keep staying safe this Thanksgiving.


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